Torres del Paine National Park: Chile’s Patagonia Crown Jewel

Written by SodaCoffee Staff
Torres del Paine National Park is located in southern Chile's Patagonia region and is one of the country's national protected forest areas. It encompasses over 2,422 square kilometers and is comprised of many rivers, crystal blue lakes, glaciers, and mountains. The historic towns of Punta Ar Read More

The Medieval Walled Town of Óbidos Portugal

Written by SodaCoffee Staff
Take a trip into the old-world and picturesque olive countryside of the Óbidos municipality. The region offers breathtaking views of the ocean to the west and rolling hills to the east. While the municipality extends all the way to the Atlantic Ocean with its refreshing salt-air breezes, high Read More

Portugal's Jardim das Portas do Sol

Written by SodaCoffee Staff
One of Portugal's best places to visit is the city of Santarém's Jardim das Portas do Sol. The Jardim is a feast for the senses. The views are spectacular, the food is fantastic, and the area is rich with history. Translated, the Garden of the Sun Gate has been a favorite of tourists Read More

19 Funny Things You Should Not Do with Your Coronavirus Stimulus Check

Written by Mark Pringle
Who am I to say what you should or should not do with your coronavirus stimulus check? I'm Mark. Now that we've got that out of the way, here is a list of sixteen things you should not do with your coronavirus stimulus check. Immediately go into your boss' office and yell, "Se Read More

Jordan: The Country With a Beautiful Culture

Written by Lilit Mkrtchyan
“Travelling is like flirting with Life, It’s like saying, “I would stay and love you, but I have to go. This is my station.” - Lisa St Aubin de Terán How do you select your future travel destination? What is it that rules over your decision; logic, emotion Read More

Save Money by Lowering Your Cable Bill and Not Compromising Entertainment

Written by Mark Pringle
One of the most important things to remember when it comes to saving money and acquiring financial happiness is that every dollar saved matters. Good money managers understand that saving five dollars is just as significant as saving fifty. If you can remove even one dollar from your monthly expense Read More

B’Ware of W-Beginning Writers’ Publishing Platforms?

B’Ware of W-Beginning Writers’ Publishing Platforms? Good things saying farewell is something which saddens us. Author-friendliness is a good thing about publishing sites. They provide authors with good publishing interfaces and provide many other supportive things like lengthy an Read More

Horizons Are Horizontal

Browsing through the pictures of almost any photography site, one notices an abundance of images where the scenery is tilted. It is especially visible with images containing large bodies of water, such as bays, lakes, or seas. It might be worth mentioning that such images usually lose much of their Read More

Become a Creative Writer

Written by SodaCoffee Staff
Penning down a piece of writing that will catch the attention of readers is something that needs organization. The author needs to display high levels of creativity to prove that he is worth having his piece reach the audience. To be a creative writer, you need a variety of elements to spice your pi Read More

Africa Of My Dream

Written by Ekoja Okewu
Africa is the home to the black race. It has 54 countries and majority of her citizens rely on Agriculture for a livelihood. Nature blessed Africa with resources capable of liberating the continent from her present state of non-industrialization but our insistence on doing things the crude way has r Read More

How to Write a Critique of a Famous Book

Written by SodaCoffee Staff
A critique is defined as a thorough reading and analysis of a passage or book. The critique picks up where the objective summary has left off. In a review, it includes a brief overview to allow the readers to grasp the fundamental ideas faster as well as the proofs under examination. Critiques are f Read More

Friend's Sting: When a Friend Betrays You

Written by Aska Makori
When a friend betrays you, it hurts. First, there's the denial stage where you are like, ' no, it can't be them, they can't do this to me'. And you don't want to ever accept the fact that they stabbed you in the back and removed the knife so fast, you'd bleed to death. Read More