Istanbul's Hagia Sophia: A History of Two Cultures and an Architectural Marvel

Written by Seweryn
Istanbul, one of the most popular cities in Europe for weekend trips, annually hosts over 8 million tourists. This number places it among the ten most-visited metropolises in the world. Located in the area between two continents, Europe and Asia, is this thriving industrial and cultural center. You Read More

Photo DOs And DON'Ts

Maybe this would be of help to newcomers in photography. Photography is best described as a Language Of Light. We take photos to comment upon our World, or at least a part of it, by giving the viewers an insight into our way of seeing it.  These comments are therefore much more about us, the Read More

The Mythical, Enchanting, and Verdant Town of Sintra Portugal

Written by SodaCoffee Staff
Sintra is a mythical, enchanting, and verdant town settled in the foothills of the Sintra Mountains in Portugal. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is not far from Portugal’s capital of Lisbon and makes for a memorable day trip. However, you will need much more than a day to visit all the gloriou Read More

Facts About Norway and Top Places to Visit

Written by pshirude
“The most beautiful thing in the world is the world itself.” You get to experience this saying when you visit Norway, a beautiful Nordic country in the Baltic Sea region of Europe. It is one of eight countries in the world that has land within the Arctic Circle. The other seven countries Read More

The Outstanding Story of Leonid Afremov's Life

Written by Leonid Afremov
The paintings of the outstanding Belarusian artist Leonid Afremov were written in the best traditions of impressionism, however, they are an incomparable phenomenon of fine art. His works are renowned all over the world and are easily recognizable for their striking color accents Read More

Salinas de Rio Maior: Portugal's Living Salt Museum

Written by SodaCoffee Staff
Imagine a place that is nestled in the valleys and really creates the feeling of a living museum. Such a location can be found in Salinas de Rio Maior – A hidden gem in Portugal that is essential to add to your Portugal bucket list. Salinas de Rio Maior is located at the foot of Serra dos Cand Read More

life as it is

Written by wendy clement
life as it is, it's never as it seems many ask the question what have I done why my life has turned out like this? but do we all have the answer to this question. life starts when we are being made in our mothers womb and when we are born this is when our life starts, we grow, we make mistake Read More

War Is A Crime

Written by Ekoja Okewu
  Thirty five million people were casualties of the World War 1 (deceased and wounded), sixty million in world war 2; One million in the Korean war and three million in the Vietnam war. In recent times, the Bosnian ethnic cleansing led to more than two hundred thousand casualties , Iraq anot Read More

How Can Assets Be Divided Between Partners During Divorce?

Written by Costanzo Lawyers
Separation can be hard for any individual. When you're a celebrity and are worth numerous dollars, browsing a split can be a lot more challenging by consulting Melbourne based Divorce Lawyers. Making use of a Prenup to Prevent Property Division Requirements It's not unusual for high ne Read More

Youths And Technology-Driver Of Food Sustainability

Written by Ekoja Okewu
As I sat beside a fire stand listening to tales from grand-ma about her farming exploit.  I was shocked to learn that her 15-hectare land records a yield of 3 bags of lentils annually. Grand-son, how are you going to feed your generation?  I started thus… Food sustainability is conc Read More

My Time On A Ventilator

Written by Margaret Brennan
You groggily awaken in the OR. Your surgery has ended so you close your eyes for a peaceful recovery. Without warning, you feel as though you’re being propelled through a wind tunnel and somewhere off in the distance, you hear someone shout, “Hurry, she’s not breathing.” Someone else shouts: “Her Read More

Life at 21 Lane-Scene One

Written by Austin Mitchell
 Life at 21 Lane  by Austin Mitchell  a play in one act by  Austin Mitchell   This  play is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual eve Read More