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The Excellent Cuisine of Portugal

Portugal’s cuisine is excellent. The country is known for delicious seafood. Snacks can be purchased at small stores, taverns, or casual restaurants. Baked red snapper, grilled swordfish or shrimp, and sweet bread codfish cakes are tasty and filling. Other favorites include chick nuts and clam Read More

Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park

Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park is one of Japan's national treasures. It is divided into four general areas that include Mt. Fuji area, Hakone area, Izu Peninsula, and Izu Islands. Instead of being in one place, the park's points of interest are dispersed throughout the region. In these areas Read More

People Who are Smart with Money Assume Bad Things Will Happen

Life is not all about flowers, fun, and good times. Sooner or later, bad things happen that can affect our happiness and finances. According to, “…Since 2005, commonly reported causes of bankruptcy include reduced income, job loss, credit debt, illness/injury, unexpected expens Read More

Yellowstone's Old Faithful Geyser

The most famous of all geysers is Old Faithful. It is everything you would expect to see in a geyser. Located in Yellowstone National Park, Old Faithful has the showman’s touch. With a rumbling fanfare and roll of drums beneath the thin shell of the earth, Old Faithful goes into action. Then a Read More

Understanding Pictures

We photographers often wonder how the others see our pictures (or this is what we should want to know). Usually, given the enormous choice of themes, the best we can do is try to compose our works, aligning the layout of thematic elements to the well-known principles, to ensure the dynamics and Read More

Verona, Italy: Travel in the Wake of Romeo and Juliet

Verona is a city breathing with love, affection, and embraced with romance. This town is where Romeo fell in Love with Juliet. "A Hundred shades of romance are beautifying the walls of Juliet’s house were love would charm your heart with just a single touch."  ~ L Read More

Become a Creative Writer

Penning down a piece of writing that will catch the attention of readers is something that needs organization. The author needs to display high levels of creativity to prove that he is worth having his piece reach the audience. To be a creative writer, you need a variety of elements to spice your pi Read More

Your Role as a Parent

Being a parent is definitely not an easy task; however it is not impossible as well. Everyone shares this common dream of getting a good job, choosing the right match, falling in love, getting married and becoming a parent. Wanting to become a parent is one of our instincts as human beings. Imagine Read More

Gotta Go, But Where?

I have absolutely no tolerance for rude people, especially when they’re rude to the handicapped. There is really no excuse for them. Here is an example of what drives me absolutely batty: Mom and I were at a store and she needed to use the ladies’ room. Okay, not a problem. Since mom uses a wal Read More

The Sound of Silence

Have you been planning, on alleviating noise pollution, in your neighborhood? Imagine if you no longer heard the screeching of motor vehicles, the ding dong of door bells, dripping of taps, honks and horns of cars or the sound from generator set in your neighborhood. These noise making mechanisms Read More

What are The Benefits of Magnesium oil For The Human Body?

Different food products like milk, eggs, green vegetables and fatty fish which are well known for containing different types of vitamins are readily available — knowing that vitamins are essential for the human body. While working on research had come on the platform with magnesium Oil is an e Read More

My Fractal Life

        It always seemed a likely dream that reality would make sense by my seventies; well it happened. A childhood dream came true when an understanding from a long distant past blossomed like a butterfly effect. As a light Read More