Top 10 Royal Palaces in Europe

Written by Briam Kibet
These are 10 of the most beautiful and famous palaces in Europe. Not only does Europe's rich and diverse culture make it unique but so do the many royal palaces owned by the royal families. Palaces in Europe have classic and modern architecture. While every palace has its own spirit, s Read More

Yerevan, Armenia's Capital and Gracious Mount Aragats

Written by Lilit Mkrtchyan
“I was born and raised in X city” … This is how the stories about ones native town usually begin… Well, the truth is that I was not born in Yerevan, but I am hundred percent Armenian and spent most of my life in Yerevan. Hence, naturally Yerevan is my Native town. Yere Read More

Zagreb, Croatia: Things to Do, Getting Around, Nightlife, & More

Written by Seweryn
Year by year Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is becoming more and more popular among tourists. Although many people go directly to the Croatian coast to visit Split or Dubrovnik, Zagreb (which is located in the northwest of the country) has a lot to offer. It is a bustling city with a rich history a Read More

Is Your Savings Account with a Local Bank? Yeah, You Might Want to Change That

Written by Mark Pringle
If you are like most people, you probably bank at an institution close to where you live. Understandably, convenience is a crucial factor when deciding where you should bank. The ability to be able to talk to a person face-to-face provides a much-needed level of comfort and peace of mind when you ha Read More

Introduction To Underwater Photography - 3

Introduction To Underwater Photography – How to Snorkel & Take Photos (part 3 of 3) Hi! In the first two parts we have discussed the basic snorkeling equipment, and how to manipulate it. This part should explain the apnea (breath-held) diving as an integral part of snorkeling, Read More

About Cinematography

Written by Jaymow
Cinematography is an art of making a video motion clip out of still images. It is equivalent to videography, but it is typically edited to add background music and unique styles. The result is an animated video clip of photographs. This method is unique in its own way and creates terrific exper Read More

The Sound of Silence

Have you been planning, on alleviating noise pollution, in your neighborhood? Imagine if you no longer heard the screeching of motor vehicles, the ding dong of door bells, dripping of taps, honks and horns of cars or the sound from generator set in your neighborhood. These noise making mechanisms Read More

Who Wanted Dory Anthony Dead?-Chapter One

Written by Austin Mitchell
Who Wanted Dory Anthony Dead? by Austin Mitchell Chapter One          Dory Anthony was dead. The woman he was going to marry was dead. He had plans of getting engaged to her in June and then marry her a year later. Dalton Ferguson sat looking into the se Read More

Salvation of the Christian

Written by Peter Mathias
SALVATION OF THE CHRISTIAN Salvation of the Christian is about deliverance and freedom from the bondage of sin and eternal torment. The Christian is not a slave of sin anymore, his soul yearns daily for God’s kingdom and the system does not influence him anymore. The Christian experiences Read More

My Fractal Life

Written by sand blown
        It always seemed a likely dream that reality would make sense by my seventies; well it happened. A childhood dream came true when an understanding from a long distant past blossomed like a butterfly effect. As a light Read More

The Quality of the Magnesium Bath and Its Benefit

Written by Salt Laboratory
A society that values a strong work ethic that stresses and less and tireless work and burning the tension. Good quality sleep magnesium it is often looked down upon as a sign of laziness. But getting the sleep you need is critical for so many aspects of your general health. In order to improve both Read More

Worker-Consumer Warriors Co-Operate

Written by sand blown
Since the twenties, thirties, and forties, psychologists have tied themselves to the wealth of media advertising. Capitalism is based on fostering competition, and, competition is by nature a divisive pursuit. Hence, a constant division ends in the management of a consumer population& Read More