15 July 2118: Diary

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15 July 2118: Diary

I was waiting for Javia under a tree in the Reserve Park.  It is kind of park where you can take a ticket as a reserve. Meaning is you can find a place to stay any time. As you enter the door automatically locked for the others to enter. It is a very big park.  We do not need to reserve particular place. You can decide as you move.  As you stay it is reserved for you. You can open for the person you like. Javia located me and entered the area with my permission to come.

We talked for some time.

"Kindana. I think match plus works well. What do you think", Javia said.

"I also think so"  

I found her from the social site match plus. Match plus finds the friend for you for a special purpose, analyzing all the views expressed by both and based on activities. I search for the life partner and found her.

"What is your plan for the near future?" Javia asked. '

"Something creative"

"Do you want to get more credit?"

"Yes, I wanted to earn some credit skip from the regular work. What about yourself"

"I wanted to do social service"


"I wanted to remain with elders and earn some credit and knew the how life look like in the old age", Javia express her kindness.

"That looks wonderful. You do service and I will invent something useful for the older people.'

There was a notification in my mobile and Javia too. I looked at my mobile, it was an opinion for continuation for present PM.

What so you think?, Javia asked for my opinion

"I think we need to say yes. She is doing well.  She is likely to be a leader in the region soon. May be a leader in the world in a few years."

We both said yes to the present PM.

"What do you want to do next week, Kindana?" Javia asked to me.

"I wanted to watch one day of pandas in the national park"

"I wanted to watch one day of some animal. May be we can see together"

A bird seated in the tip of the bush near where they were seating on the bench. Bird wished for the happy couple. Javia had learned to understand language of bird. She explained to me what the bird said. I became interested to learn the language. Javia promised to teach as first gift from her side. She promised to start next week when they will be connected through telepathy. Scientist make this arrangement for the new couple upon request.

We fixed the date for next week and moved to own destiny. We travelled in a same train. My station came first and she continued.  My credit was getting low. We got some extra credit when we decided to become life partners. It was added by the government online.

"I knew that 100 years ago people would have to spend lots of money when they arranged marriage" Javia asked

"Yes, I also read.  Marriage would arranged between similar people based on status of parents. People would carry property from generation to generation as personal. What a funny life was that time. But now we get credit for the decision taken for the life"

 "Why government adds credit for that?"

"It is because goal of government is prosperity, happiness and sustainable life. This adds smooth going of mind kind. That is why government adds credit got all activities that supports its goal"

In the evening I got another notification that present PM will continue because 90% people said yes.  At least 50 % people would have to say yes in the intermediate poll.

I prepared an outline for the study about life in the old age. I collected some study related to that line. Javia also send her idea. I did some exercise and meditation so that I could see how it look when Javia work with elders and I do research in the dream. Scientists have invented that dream reflects unsatisfied or intensive need which is not possible to happen in the real life. This is reflected in the dream which can be planned by implanting strong interest before sleeping. There are some ways to load the demand in the mind to be able to curtain the dream in the same line. Let's see how it looks like. 





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Author: Nam Raj Khatri
Environmental Engineer from Nepal. Interested in art, photography, writing and short movie making on natural acting.


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