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....Have you ever loved someone so much, the idea of them not being in your life made you cry? Loved them so much that they could do no wrong in your eyes that you would love them unconditionally? This is a story about my Love, my heart, my world.

Many feelings surround human beings, feelings of hatred, anger sadness and happiness. There is one feeling that triumphs over all, the feeling of love. There is no better feeling then to think of the one you love and smile, when you are with them they take your breath away. Even when your away from them they are always on your mind, the one, the only, your person. I am here to tell you about the greatest and most amazing girl that I have ever met in the world, she stole my heart with one look, and with one touch her soul embraced my own. My every thought, my every plan she was now the center of, my world she became.


.... My name is “J” I am an average person that has been threw a lot, I have lost friends, I have been used and betrayed so many times that I no longer believed in love, in my eyes love didn’t exist because people lie, cheat and use people they are supposed to be in love with. This has been the way I thought for many years, until the day I met her, who you may ask? I am talking about “H” the most beautiful woman you will ever lay your eyes on, with the most beautiful soul, the best person on this planet. The only person I could ever trust with my heart ever, she is Real. The moment I first payed my eyes on “H” I got the biggest crush I have ever had in my life, but being as average as I am, I thought there would be no way she would lay her eyes on me in any other way then friend.

But “H” she’s different, she’s not stuck up nor is she a shallow person. I didn’t know this at the time, so I didn’t tell her I had a huge crush on her. I see her the next year and I couldn’t help not starting at her as she danced around, her beauty her blonde hair flowing like streams as she moved. I thought to myself I wish she was mine. 

One night we randomly start messaging each other and continue to talk everyday from then on, I get happy when I receive anything from her the moment her name pops up on my phone I smile, we get really close real quick, we hang out months later and that night changed my life forever, the night we kissed. I felt it deep within my would and that “H” absolutely means everything to me and I’m falling for her, we keep meeting up and hanging out and spending time together, each time we see each other the feelings get stronger for the both of us. I feel empty without her, I love her, and she loves me.


I will always love her, because I know she is the person I was destined to find, my best friend, my love, my person. She has always made me happy, she has taken away every pain and fear that I have had. Believed in me, picked me up, built me up and made me for the first time know my worth and that I am not average, for her I will excel and be the man I am supposed to be, the man she deserves, the man who put her happiness and feelings above all, I will spend my life making her happy because she deserves it.  She deserves the best, she deserves the world, she’s amazing and honestly perfect in my eyes. I am the luckiest man in the whole world to met her and because of her. I will be there for her to make her shine bright, she’s my sunshine that takes away the rain. 


If she can’t make her self see the brightness of things I will sit with her in the dark. She’s worth it all, and everything possible, she’s my princess, I will always love her, I will always be there for her, I will always protect her, that’s a promise ever if she doesn’t know, I know, my heart knows she is worth everything to me. She has been through so much and is the strongest person I know, so she deserves to be happy, to have the best, for her I will be the best, she will know that’s she’s the only one in my world, and I will build my life my life and my world and myself always for her. So she will be proud of me and so she has a place to feel safe, knowing I am a man of my word and for her 100% . Like I said she’s the best and deserves the best I will be the beat I can be for her.. to love is to memorize the beat of her heart and show it to her when she forgets. To be by her side always, she is my heaven, my forever, my breath, the beat of my heart, the life I have I owe to her, 2772 forever and always I love you “H”

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Author: Paul Almos
My name is Paul Almos I am a writer of quite a few formats, I write in a Sci-fi, horror, thriller, and love catagories, I enjoy writing, I take pride in it, creating things and people has always been a passion of mine since I was little, not only do I write stories I also write lyrics and poems as well.


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