A Day 100 years from Now.

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A Day 100 Years from Now


Glimmers nudge my sleeping aura. Stretches ripple through curled frame as eyelids respond. Light slithers inwards, just enough to bring my third dimensional body to solidarity. Satisfied delight opens them fully. I joy as another day opens to us. My nest group stirs as well; quivering on rising anticipation.

Winstao: our nest group's turn to ride the bubble. Such fun, even though service, the experience never dulls. The bubbles are the locomotive means to do our maintaince service on the acrylic crystalline earth shield. Sharing maintainance between all nests; gives us only a few days per cycle. We relish each one.

With my usual exuberance, I bound on all with a morning knee's up! Resigned smiles from my nest. HaHa – job done.

Greeting the light by the 8th Breath joining our feet, hands. Eyes roll up to take in the daily quota of liquid light, that streams warmly through our domed clear persplex roof. We robe up.  Warm, fleecy, double lined unisuits. Made from the ever present stockpiles of plastic bottles. Well padded with useful pockets;  such faithful hard-wearing outers. But still, I can't help thinking of my research. How different would it feel to wear the old fabric's I read about. Cotton, linen even wool. Fibres made from plants or animals – amazing.

“Come on! Lilaoa - stop mind dribbling” chuffs Daewo. “I want to get bubbling.  Smiling at his usual infectious speediness the six of us give our nest materials a loving fluff and split our dome. It reseals automatically as we move off.

We take the outer shute, hooking elbows and ankles. It whisks us pneumatically to the nearest upaorial shaft. This will conduct our  six to the bubble station by a similar process a tree uses to move liquids up their trunks. For the upaorial lift we strap into a vertical capsule. Using the up-time to synchronise our heart rates and breathing. This is important, so we may have the most alert senses to spot any defects in the shield.

Our protective encasement that was evolved 50 old years ago.  The chemtrail particle barrier (CPB) was not sufficient to retain the atmosphere left. Desperate minds came to a practicable solution.  Use the plastic we were being buried under to protect earth in its dying stages. The space stations were sent tonnes of various plastic rubbish which they combined, combusted then extruded into clear curved sections. These were gradually fitted into an interlocking concertina type shutter. Fully completed it lets enough radiation through but keeps the atmosphere mostly contained. 

So for many cycles now, we have been able to regenerate sufficient atmosphere to live partially without individual domes and oxygen makers. You must understand, many millions died before individual recycled plastic domes could be mass produced. Along with massive amounts of all eco-systems. Enough trees were domed in time – thank the light! Dome technology spread to community and farms; and even cities. So, it was no great stretch to envision the same solution for the entire planet. Fortunately, scientists had already developed the silicon splice – giving us 60% cellular photosynthesis. So we are still here. In our domes and tubes, all osmotically viable. 

Back to our maintainance day though. The shield joins hemisperically and is structurally strengthened by the bubble tube. As our upaoral capsule reaches tube interface, it briefly electrostatically merges. We bounce through with a skipping jerk that flips capsule to become “bubble car”. 

Daewo and Wilmea grin at me gleeful – as we carefully rearrange our seating. This is our favourite part. Two seats at the ends become rower stations. Daewo and I claim these and Wilmea assembles the cycle mid bubble. This is our motive force. We row and cycle around the tube which also charges batteries stored in walls and seats. Tools needed for repairs are charging from these battery sockets.

Both three's have different co-ordinates to check – going in opposite directions. I nod to Daewo – he programmes the on-board map with ours. Off we row and pedal. Almost like the old 'kayakers' except with a vaster aerial panoramic viewpoint, both above and below. One sunnote later we reach our assigned area.

Wilmea has scanner position. The cycle screen controls the magnifier cams. She unlocks and extends, then actions scanning.  Daewo continues to slowly row while I assemble tools and check battery levels. Our main task is opening the shield vents, closing on return trip. Though there are in-built osmosis qualities, more pressure builds than this can release. So daily we vent.

Almost immediately we are noticing and measuring more heat build up than usual. I direct scanners outward to ascertain reasons. Other scans are picking up more solar 'crazing' of shield acrylics. By the halfway point of our shift, it is clear something has changed. Our second three, headed by Miklio has the same findings.

We pause briefly. Time for this duty's special concession and a sixwise conference.

Our special treat is a piece of real fruit – so rare still! An orange orb, gloriously juicy and pungently sweetly scented. I read somewhere, they were once named after a golden skinned race.  Ha! of course now we are all golden skinned. We delicately peel, divide and savor each crescent. All pieces of vibrant orange skin are saved except a small bite for a vitamin boost now. The rest will be dried and used for many things. A little to scent our nest fabrics (plastic based cloth has unpleasing odours when hot.), some to rub on pulse spots for inhaling pleasure during yogacise, and a little will flavour water rations.

Break finished, the long distance solar scans are returning.  An answer indeed. Solar storm ejections have increased. From this data, it seems for a considerable season! We will need more protection and quickly. Still bubbling along, checking and marking where panels need replacing already. But our gestalted minds and chakras sizzle and zip coalescing solutions. Excitement fizzles - problem solving is the 'height'! 

Even as the homeward stretch is bubbled and vents reclosed, we have several ideas simmering. One, to use the left-over rubbish still encircling space stations – both metals and plastics. We envisioned attaching extra mushroom shaped shades to the shield.  Shades that could be angled to deflect solar storm radiation. Another idea to use an oxide to tint sections of the acrylic to shade and reflect more light/heat/radiation. 

So many ideas, our sextet is hummingly alive with purpose, as we decant to the upaoral. Our report is already sent to Central Maintenance, as well as our initial solutions. Eagerly we shute back to our nest. Keen to continue creative

communing for more!!




























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Author: Virginia Waters
Hi, I'm a being who has always relished words. Devouring at least 1 book per day all my life. After escaping many traumatic life experiences - I found healing relief in writing, mainly poetry. Had a varied and interesting working life, including retail, counselling, soft furnishings, landscape gardening, film extra, healer.


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