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Alarm rings I wake up, stretch, get out of bed and look at my old digital voice activated calendar appearing on the wall. The year is 2118. I just had a great sleep in my weightless pod. It's filled with pure oxygen. I take my synthetic pills for my meals of the day. They are the best way to get nutritional essentials as all food sources are in very low supply. I follow it with a triple filtered ecofriendly drink. It contains many of the nutrients my body needs. Then I shower with an echo friendly coconut spray.


My Edge XQ personal assistant robot commands my whole day. I see I’m scheduled to take a short 10 minutes to explain what the world is like and then put it in my virtual time capsule.


I feel the wealthy are not to be feared but that I can learn from them. They have gained their wealth both by mere lineage and by hard work.


Restaurants are very much seen as an extravagance. Food is very expensive; therefore, only the extremely wealthy people eat out. There are very few restaurants in my hometown and I can only go on very special occasions.  At times I get very angry and almost jealous that only a few can enjoy the sense of taste. I'm not exactly sure what that is, but people seem to smile continuously after taking bites of Chicken Alfredo. They say umm that's good! The United States still has crops soybeans, corn, wheat. However, all farms are run and owned by the government. All crops are sold to other countries as they will pay more than the US. Since we have the miracle food pills we don't need the crops.



The earth poses a threat to not only itself but to mankind. Humans are more scared of a worldwide famine then they are of God coming back and ending the world.



As all the workforce is mainly government employed there are no people going in a factory. Everything is run out of an office. What once was called WIFI is now called Amafi and government approved and run by the Amazon Universe Corp. If you know high-tech robotics then you are good and employable. If not, you will work menial labor. There is no middle class whatsoever. There are only a few universities still open. Only the extremely rich get an education. Others get an education by being homeschooled or where their workplace sends them for high-tech education or labor skills.


Pollution is an extreme problem. Only a select few can afford vehicles. You're only allowed to drive a handful of hours a day. Your vehicle is taxed heavily.



You can air travel extremely fast. It however will cost you quite a bit. I understand when my grandfather flew he only paid $1000 per 500 miles. Now, it's five times that much. I have heard there once was human flight attendants. That seems silly. There are no flight attendants as everything is computerized all you have to do is push a button for service and entertainment. You have a retinal scan on file with the World Travel corporation to ensure our safety.  


All babies have a chip implanted in them. This is to ensure a healthier and more vibrant life style. Any hospital or doctor can bring up your whole medical history. A woman's average life expectancy is 110 years a man's is 105 


Today the sum total of all human knowledge is downloaded to an international database including health knowledge. Everyone is subject to good health. Each person is only allowed to have two children. 


Less than 10% of world population attend a church service weekly. My French Grandfather tells me this used to be popular or normal in the USA. Seems like his generation was very naïve to believe in that hocus-pocus.



Chinese and Hindu are the most popular languages. The US currency is no longer graced by dead presidents, as I have seen in antique collections. Instead, buildings and key dates in US history are on US currency. People have chips planted under their skin to use as credit when buying most items.


 Overcrowding of people in America is a very big concern. There are limitations on almost everything one does. Vacations are the popular thing for those that can afford. There are hotels where you can spend days or weeks on holiday stations. 


Satellites and cameras watch people’s every move throughout the world. Very little law-enforcement officers can be seen. Cameras are in the cities and therefore crime virtually doesn't exist. 


For now, we wait to see if God will let earth and its existence live. It is survival that brought us here and it will be survival that brings us home.









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Author: Brian Sluga
I am a Poet / Songwriter / Change Management Mentor / ASCAP member. I recently started writng seriously again. I write about life, love, struggles, and passions. Looking to get a poetry book self published in 2018. Cheers
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