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The plane landed in Dubai airport around midnight after a five hour flight from Kathmandu. The next flight was only at 9:35 AM next morning, hence, we had a long time to spend. We moved around and found a place with chairs for sitting. Bimala was looking at people with different costumes with interest.

Bimala was watching the women wearing dress covering, full body. Some opened eyes and nose only and some opened face, but covered head with a scarf. 

Bimala asked to me," Why they are wearing dresses like that? ".

"They are Muslim women they need cover their face like that. It is called Hijab as per Quran. There is some flexibility based on their local tradition."

"Quran may have suggested to cover the face from negative environment. We are exposed to an environment through five senses. Sensory organs which are located at heart, but it is not possible to control its function by covering. This need to be controlled by common senses. This applies to both men and women."

"Yes, it may be like that. Standards in the Quran are mostly written indirectly hence people follow based on their own meaning."

After some time we fall asleep.  In the few hours chair was unable to provide the same comfort.  I felt pain in the neck. We moved to another location and found got two folding chairs back to back. After a few hours that was also uncomfortable, hence, I slept on the floor which was carpeted.

We moved to the boarding area at 8:35AM and flight was at 9:35AM. It was two story air bus. I quickly looked at the screen in front of the seat. There was facilities for charging and wifi. But WiFi would work when on the sky.

I started to watch a movie named Everest. The screen would be pauses when there I public announcement from the flight staff.

PA: There is some problem in water valve. Engineers are unable fix it manually, hence it may take one hour to fix it.

The film was based on a real expedition of 1996. Whole climbing process and preparation was very interestingly go on?  

PA: Engineers are still working it may take one more hour.

Bimala was also watching the same movie. A few members were having very difficult to clime due to altitude sickness. Some wanted to continue even with difficulties. Finally few of them reached to the top of the Everest. On the way back local facilitator noticed that oxygen cylinders were empty. Few of them unable to come back and got frozen in the ice. One was Rob Hall he was able to talk to wife before dying and give a name (Sarah) to his daughter to be born after his return. At the end of film Sarah was shown who is young now and following the footsteps of Rob.  

PA: Engineers are able to fix the valve. Now it takes 20 minutes to refill the tank with water. We are serving breakfast.

PA: We are taking off in five minutes

PA: There is another disaster. The new valve is leaking. We need to change the plane. Next flight will be in 4 hours. We have arranged for you to take a rest in the business class lounge.

We moved to the lounge. As we reached there they informed that the next flight will be at 11:00 PM only. Those who are not in rush enjoyed facilities in the Business class lounge which is free of cost. For us there was one day margin. Graduation of Son was only 10 August.

Bimala went to explore around lounge found a place to sour, foods, rest. There were varieties of food stall. We collected some vegetarian foods.

Bimala wanted to take the rest. I opened the laptop. After some time I felt pain in the elbow. Similar pain was there in the previous week. The pain was increasing and but I could guess to what extent it could go and what should be done. Bimala applied ice in the elbow which would relief pain. I fixed my hand at most comfortable bend using scarf of Bimala.

The flight took off at 11:00 PM as announced. I continued the movie that was started in the morning named "The Ashram". After then I fall sleep. After six hours I awake. Send message to children from the sky. I could connect internet for two hours for free. The local time was 4:00am and it looked like early morning. After some time it became dark. It remained dark for a long time and looked like early morning towards 6:30 AM.

Bimala asked, "Why the night in the plane is so long?"

I tried to explain, "It would be mooning after 6 hours at around 5 o clock. But Our plane is moving towards the west in the same direction as the Sun. Hence, the Sun needs to travel the additional distance that plane moved to be able to rise in our area. The plane is taking route from the north pole, hence, for a short time it was on the North Pole where the sun appears for longer time that is why it became morning while we were there"

The plane landed in Texas at 6:30 AM on time. Pravat was waiting for us to pick up. There was a random checking of luggage. We were directed towards checking. It took almost two hours to come out of the airport. Mother and son met after one year. They hugged for some time and some tear dropped from mother's eyes.

Next day we attended Graduation of Pravat. There were about 400 students in the central gallery and 2000 parents sitting around in the stadium. There was lots of excitement on the part of parents. Everyone is trying to draw attention of their children towards them. Excitement spread and filled up the hall.

The next day we went to NASA center. It was possible to see past, present and future of NASA. We were taken on a short tour within the center. One of the site was old control center.

The guide said, "It was established in 1996. A scientist working that time was 26 years old in average with max 35 years. The computer was of room size, but with only 500 MB capacity."

Bimala was looking interestingly into a case with model of future bird. She wanted to know about it.

I explained, "It is model of future spacecraft. This will fly like birds carrying one or two people."

"Will we be live to fly like birds using this new space craft?"

Bimala added, scripture says there is a place for departed soul in the space above the earth where a human being can go to the part of this with air vehicles or in their own if there are able to control the breath through meditation. Scientist worked on the first part and developed air vehicle suitable to travel in the space. They need to start work on the second part now."

Pravat added, " For this multidisciplinary scientist need to work together to explore possibility for the human being to fly and travel in the space"

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Author: Nam Raj Khatri
Environmental Engineer from Nepal. Interested in art, photography, writing and short movie making on natural acting.


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