Written by Debbie Walker |
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I’ve lost it all
Memories choke the breath that dies to cry for help
Into silence I've become
No one saves me from the wounded heart within

Under the shadow of dawn
Dark clouds above chase the light away
I’ve become desolate
Hidden by betrayal
I hear metal against metal as the nail drives 
The Current of loneliness pulls me under

Screams fade
Underpasses become your safe haven
Shivering as if locked in a morgue
Turning your collar to the cold damp world

Empty streets whisper lonely lullabies
Alleyways cast haunting memories of lonely deaths
Filthy needles lay bare their forced injections
Matted hair, smeared makeup, tell the tales...

The wind chases away haunted screams
As your flesh bleeds for its next desire.
Your voice taunts this shattered mind
I have lost the will to live
Through your death, you left me abandoned.

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Form of Poetry

Free verse

Author: Debbie Walker
I am a part time Funeral/ Embalmer Apprentice learning her trade as I work on getting Licensed to further my career. I am a poet of some sort. I write out what I feel than express them. It works for me.


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