April Fools Day

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April 1st was the most exciting day in my family home, much more exciting than Christmas itself. Why?  Simply because it's known as the April Fools day.  The only day you are permitted to make a fool out of anybody be it your parents. Last year's April Fools Day wasn't so good for me and that was why I used the remaining 365 days from then to plan this year's own. My master plan was set, I was going to make a fool out of my brother and it was going to be so grand that he won't forget it in his life. I was going to tell him that our father said he should dance naked under the rain so our friends will see him and laugh at him. I was going to make his day a living hell and he knew it, why else will he fall ill few days to April Fools day. The night to the D day my brother came to my room, he told me he was very ill and because of that he won't be able to stand the apprehension and tension of April Fools Day pranks. That he accepts defeat and crowns me Master of the Day. I was dissapointed at my brother for giving up so easily, angry for not letting me try out my plans but I was also happy because that was the first time since I was born I got the crown. Around 11am our housekeeper called me from my room, she said my Dad was on the line and it was urgent.knowing my Dad everything about him is urgent. Alas it was my Dad, he ordered me to come to the market immediately.i tried to explain to him that I needed to change into a dress since I was wearing my night gown. He told me to come immediately, so I zoomed off, looking like a mad woman, on my night gown, with teeth I didnt brush, uncombed hair,slippers that didn't fit or match. Simply put I was unkempt. Nobody will see me I told myself since it was April Fools day and people will be in their houses celebrating. I reached the market in less than 5 minutes(a journey that will take 30minutes)  gasping for air.Behold my  sick brother was there with our friends laughing at me and shouting April Fool! Some of them snapping  pictures to keep as an evidence that this day happened. I was horrified, my brother played a prank so good it involved my father or was that a voice changer app? 

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Author: Cynthia Nwaigwe
I am Nwaigwe Cynthia, a medical student in her penultimate year. I love reading and writing


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