Art Gallery Vibes

Written by Line Monique Gauthier |
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O what emotions stirred

The colours and hues

The contrasts and textures

The splashes and strokes

Artists expressing it all

Serenity and madness

Gentleness and vulnerability

Passion and violence

Letting it surface

Like a bubbling stew

For the sake of communicating

Contributing unique perspectives

Leaving their mark

On life’s journey


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Form of Poetry

Free verse

Author: Line Monique Gauthier
I started writing poetry as a teenager and the passion for it flourished since retiring. I also dabble in photography, watercolour and acrylics. I created what I call Flash Memory Therapy. I am an active member of Haiku Canada and My poetry is down-to-earth and meant to be understood as opposed to impress with hifalutin words.
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