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The deity and the accursed Tecans

Written by Alwin Chitewe
Space voyaging was never part of my dream. My intentions were glued on earth, where I dreamt of inventing the cure for cancer and stashing away all glory. Unfortunately plans have a habit of going south. Thankfully I did not end up with a bottle under my mentum. Instead, I got a chance to see the un Read More

funny life story

I have always hated children. They are loud,  needy and they stare a lot. Somehow they always end up loving me. they take my phone looking for a game to play or take stupid photos with filters that make their face even uglier. I swear to god if I had the power I would make them extinct. So o Read More

Promoting Social Change Through Target Community Involvement

Written by Ekoja Okewu
Social innovations are new strategies, concepts, ideas and organizations that meet the social needs of different elements, which can be from working conditions and education to community development and health-they extend and strengthen civil society (Wikipedia). Drug abuse according to Read More

A Complicated Story

Written by Jacob Osae
  “Turn your magic on,” to me she said. “Everything we ever dreamed of is a meter away, for we will be legends from this day, we are diamonds taking shape; we are gold being refined into radiance.” How mellifluous, her words pierced my heart. These were endearing word Read More


Darkening. Dusky. An old dirt road stood used and upturned. The once-mud had now resigned itself to sit as a strange duck, devoid of almost all water. The track was worn and misplaced after a long day of workers slaving around it. Men. In old battered checkered shirts in wore shades of red, white an Read More

Coming Home

Written by Michael Henry
Coming Home                                                                  “Mum, it’s me”…her voice falte Read More

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