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Bruce The Story teller

Written by Bob Taub
RUCE THE STORY TELLER Bruce loved children and they loved him as he was a great storyteller. He would make up the stories as he went along.  Bruce sat in the park every Saturday afternoon (weather permitting) and you would see as many as twenty to thirty Children sitting in front of him wai Read More

The deity and the accursed Tecans

Written by Alwin Chitewe
Space voyaging was never part of my dream. My intentions were glued on earth, where I dreamt of inventing the cure for cancer and stashing away all glory. Unfortunately plans have a habit of going south. Thankfully I did not end up with a bottle under my mentum. Instead, I got a chance to see the un Read More

A Pretty Girl’s Plea: Part 6

I opened the boot of the car, hoping to find the spare tire and just be able to get far enough out of here that I wouldn’t remember what’d happened. I was met with a horrific sight. He lay there. Ankles tied to wrists. Hunched. Lifeless. A red river trickled from his left temple out into Read More

Coke Addict

Written by rochelle jones
     Some people are adicted to drinking. Some people are addicted to smoking. My vice is Coke Classic. I eat, sleep and drink coke all day. There is nothing in the world like a  cold mouth watering, quenching and refreshing coke on a hot day. I like the tingling sensation it lea Read More

The Gold Necklace

Written by Michael Henry
                                                                      I thought it was gone for good, yet another victim o Read More

Find the good in you

Written by Alishah Ali
The scars on my body doesn’t tell you my story The way I dress doesn’t allow you to judge me The things I let you know are only good ones What you see in me is what I allow you to see The color of my skin is all you see? The color of my skin doesn’t bother me but isn Read More

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