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My Dream Partner

Written by Aubrey Andreoli
In all honesty, I'm writing this to appeal to my English teacher's ridiculous expectations of her students. I could write a million words about this, but at max, I guess I only get 750, so I'll describe him with what I can. My ideal partner is not perfect, he is, in fact, very flawed. Read More

Dear Killer, My Lover

If you wake, you will not remember me. You will not remember you. You will not remember anything. So allow me to inform you on the subject of the summer that has passed, though my memory is still hazy. Where to begin? The day we met? The day we kissed? The day you stole me away and brought me here? Read More

A Day in My Favorite Place

Written by Landon Homola
My name is Landon Homola and I will be attempting the impossible. On October 1, 2018, I was dared to sneak onto an airplane and travel to Duluth, Minnesota. (My favorite place)     How was I supposed to board a heavily guarded airplane? Thats the question I've been asking my self ev Read More

A Hawaiian Folklore - Event On The Island Of Hawaii

Written by William Kekaula
The Humans: Lehua - The most beautiful girl in the village and the only daughter of the village's chief. Ohia - The handsome warrior is witty, and the most powerful, bravest, of all the village's warriors. The goddesses: Pele: The fire goddess, very cunning, beguiling, a caster of cu Read More

Life is a Surprise

Written by Nadine Oraby
I see life as a surprise. The fact that nothing is guaranteed is quite threatening. In other words, no one knows what exactly is going to happen in the next couple of minutes. Even if you guess, it turns out to be mere assumptions that have nothing to do with reality. That is why the rate of disappo Read More


Written by Julia Marah
Trust me to always be the wierd one. About 7 years back, when we'd go to church on sundays, we usually had series of meetings right after. One very not-so-fateful day during one of those meetings, being more of the naive and shy one I was, I walked wobbily to the venue of the meeting. Now it hap Read More

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