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The Girl who wore her Heart on her Hip

She stood there in the darkness, beneath the star filled sky. The subtle evening wind blew in her long chestnut hair back in waves like that of the sea before her. Gently, she undid the zip that ran as a river up the side of her violet silken dress and softly lifted it up over her head  and all Read More

Tips for Becoming a Great Poet

Written by SodaCoffee Staff
Becoming a general writer requires commitment and patience. However, growing as a poet calls for more than just that. You need to be meticulous in choosing words that let the entire world know how you feel so that people can relate to your story. Here are a few tips that can make you a great po Read More

Living Current Times With Limited Resources And Self Reliant

Written by Ekoja Okewu
“With Covid-19, I believe its Gods way of telling us only Humans can save Humans with Humanity”-Somya Kedia As a result of the economic crisis created by the pandemic, almost 1.6 billion informal economy workers representing the most vulnerable in the labour market out of a world-wide Read More

Lilli's Adventure Trip

Written by Zaina Khwaja
Hi! My name is Lilli and I am living in 2118 and I will tell you what is happening in 2118. Today we are going to a road trip so let’s pack our bags. We have bags that can fit anything inside it. It is not tall but it has all those I need, let’s see I have my blanket, my pillow  and Read More

Excellent Wrap Of Cireng

Written by Taupik Sodikin
In Indonesia especially in Bandung, there is a unique cheap food that we call it cireng. It is made of tapioca flour and it is so loamy. Someday I was working in my grandfather store in a market of Jakarta, and there was a cireng seller near the store. I'm not really hungry that time and also I& Read More

Grotesque Beauty

Written by Dimpra Kaleem
Professor Jacob Hertz sat at his desk. In front of him were the works of three hopeful entrants for the last place in the academy, one of which sat outside his office even now. The slightly intense young man had presented his work a little over five hours ago and had patiently sat awaiting an answer Read More

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