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The Girl who wore her Heart on her Hip

She stood there in the darkness, beneath the star filled sky. The subtle evening wind blew in her long chestnut hair back in waves like that of the sea before her. Gently, she undid the zip that ran as a river up the side of her violet silken dress and softly lifted it up over her head  and all Read More

repeating time

Written by nagma shaikh
after first break-uo jab ham move on kar jate hai kismat kuch aese badlti hai ya ye bola ki usko wapas dhorati hai .                                           REPEATING TIME wo a Read More

Examination Blues

Written by Austin Mitchell
Examination Blues a short story by Austin Mitchell     Cora was in her room crying. Her mother was in the living room also sobbing. The final results were out and she had failed her examinations for the third time. Miss Rhinella wasn’t going to blame the young girl. She fel Read More

How To Manage Stress

Written by Khadeen Johnson
“Ugh!” Lexia exclaimed, “Two presentations, two research papers, my books need to be updated and I have no time. I’m stressed.” Stress can be described as, “great worry caused by a difficult situation, or something that causes this condition” (Cambridge U Read More

A Tale about a little boy named Bear in The Shade.

Written by Daisy Theriac
     There once was a little Tohono O’Odham boy named Bear in The Shade. He lived in a small village on the reservation. He loved animals and treated them like family. Bear in the Shade seemed to always find stray and injured animals to bring home.If the animals got in a fi Read More

A Time to Love and a Time to Walk

Written by Aska Makori
I remember this one time I was in a bus headed back home; I stay in Mwiki which is a three hours drive from where I work. I love sitting by the window so that I can stare through at how people are living their lives out there, look at the big mansions on the way then try and imagine how beautiful th Read More

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