Believing In Your Passion

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As far as I can remember, I always loved writing, even when it did not make sense I'd still write. Making a note or jottings of the simplest of things was my perfect way of keeping my records. While in school a pocket sized book and a pen were the closest tools I'd need. 

While on my journey of discovering my likes and dislikes I realized more and more I leaned towards not just merely making notes or little jottings, but I was now writing my own poems and short stories. From this I believe birth my love for English Language  and Literature. 

Today I can say I am a proud writer and blogger, who is currently working on her first book, which I am truly excited about. This all begun years ago and my 'Dei Empowers' movement which came alive in 2017 allowed me to not only grow, but helped me to recognize my passion and to continue believing and working on it every single day.

You may not be that good at what you are passionate about presently, but never you stop believing in your passion and working on it everyday, as you can only grow to be great at what you love. It may seem as if its not even going to work out at times, but I encourage you today to remain optimistic, because it is possible. Never stop believing in your passion.


"If its possible to vision it, then its possible to be made reality." 

-Dei Empowers

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Author: Deiann Mckenzie
Deiann is a young lady who is passionate about writing and empowering others. She is currently working on her own book and seeking new ways to grow each day in her writing skills.


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