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Hello beautiful people, how are you doing? I’m peachy, thank you. So, I’ve just realized that I haven’t officially introduced myself; pardon my manners. My name is…just call me Nyash, everybody calls me that. Back to my man issues, I have a best friend called Vivian Chepng’eno Bii whom I hate with a passion, in a love kind of way. I know what you’re wondering, why do you hate your best friend? It’s because, she never stops reminding me of my singlehood every chance she gets. She and her guy will soon mark half a decade of being together and honestly, (I hate saying this) I’m happy for that mama. Her guy is yet to pay me the bride price for dating Vivian, I mean, I’ve taken care of that baby for a decade and a half now; we first met when we were eight years old.

Pst; Vivian will DEFINITELY demand her price when I get a man, I know that little sneaky shaitula.

Now, Vivian has got me thinking; why would people be in a relationship for a long time without crossing the bridge to another step? I’ve never been in a real relationship but… I don’t know, dating someone for more than two years without any growth is scary. After like a year of dating, people have these expectations of greater things to come. New years come with new expectations. Like what are my new year resolutions? Do they have you in it? What do you have in store for me this year? Will anything change or will we be the same, stuck in the red light waiting for a push that will come from I don’t know where?

I can never imagine being with the same person at the same point we met doing the same squire-one things for over a year and there’s no hope of change. What are you looking for in me for all these years that you’re yet to find? It’s mature to tell your partner when it’s not working. Sure, it’ll hurt but at least time will not have been wasted.

I have a close acquittance who dated her guy for over ten years before he finally realized that she’s not the one. Can you believe the guy? I don’t blame him though, I blame them; they had nothing to tie them together. After a decade, one would expect something, you know, like an evidence of the relationship. It could be a child together, maybe a project… but the biggest form of growth is marriage. I always complain about not being in a relationship but then come to think of it, why do people get into relationships? To be together? For how long? Because if I’m to get into any relationship, it’s for eternity. If you get into a relationship with breakup in mind or just to pass time, darling, you’re not ready. How many pass times will you have? How many breakups? How many Exes? I feel like people should get into relationships with 5Ws and an H in mind. Who am I getting into a relationship with? Why am I getting into this relationship? What do I want out of it? Where will it take us? When is this happening? Is it the right time? Am I ready? Finally, I have all that I’ve pictured, all my expectations, all my values and principles…How will I get to where I want with this relationship?

All in all, at the end of every beginning relationship is marriage. This is my take, before you get into any relationship, ask yourself this.

‘Am I ready for marriage or do I just want to break hearts in the name of passing time?’

With that said, I am Nyash and I want a man.

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