Christ My Hero

Written by Nebechi Grace Ezennaya |
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                  CHRIST MY HERO

If you feel terror when you look in the mirror

Or see horror when you reflect on your error

Just remember that Christ is the ultimate hero

Waiting to take away your sorrow

But needs you to let him into the hollow

Of your innermost fellow

Because trying to ride solo

Would only lead you to borrow

And forever live in sorrow

But making up your mind to follow

Will give an assurance for a greater tomorrow.

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Author: Nebechi Grace Ezennaya
I am Nebechi Grace Ezennaya, born December 22nd, 1998. I'm from Anambra State, Nigeria and a student of Applied Microbiology and Brewing at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. My hobbies are dancing, reading, writing, listening to music and making researches.I write essays and all kind of poems.
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