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The thought of Civil Engineering reminds me of Architectural Engineering which is a very important and an integral part of engineering.  Even though I do not have the artistic skills, I have always admired the beautiful structures and buildings surrounding me.  I have respect for the people involved in the design and construction of buildings, road, bridges and dams on a very large scale, applying the knowledge of maths and science into real life situations .  It is not only interesting but also very challenging, especially working with large structures and delicate materials.

In Abuja, Nigeria where I live, there are very beautiful and modern buildings.  Each time we drive through the city with my dad, seeing all these big structures amazes me and the question that comes to my mind always is always how these buildings come about.  My technical drawing teacher answered all these questions and also introduced me to a software called Auto CAD which is used by architects and engineers in the design of structures which makes their work easier.

The most interesting aspect of the course I believe is the practical aspect  when I am on the site and practically involved in it.  Civil Engineering is very important all over the world because structures are being constructed in countries all over the world.  I will also like to have a career that will be relevant everywhere and at any time.  I can also set up my own firm after working and having experience in the field in a couple of years after graduating from the university.

My dream is to set up my company in Nigeria and overtake the leading engineering companies like Julius Berger,  Arab contractors and  many others if given the opportunity to study this course in your institution.  I will also make the best of it in achieving success at the end of my study.

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Author: Ayodeji Allen
Full name is Ayodeji Allen James. 18 years of age. An undergraduate.


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