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I'm just a guy who is addicted to the unfamiliar who fulfills this addiction by traveling and writing about my travels. As a lover of sports, penning opinion articles related to sports is also a pastime. I am not a professional photographer, yet. I'm just a "picture taker" who is still learning the technical aspects of photography.


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Some people refer to Mark Pringle as a Renaissance Man. This former US Open Taekwondo finalist and gentle giant (6’3”, 245 lbs) is a highly skilled certified internet webmaster, entrepreneur, and UXD professional who, at 52 years old, is willing to try any sport, who hasn’t forgotten any of the chess moves that made him Moorestown Middle School (New Jersey) champion, and who understands the spiritual side of life.

But even more than this, Mark is an immensely likable person who has been married to the same beautiful woman for 28+ years. He and his wife are the proud parents to two terrific children.

When he’s not working, taking care of his family, or attending to the spiritual needs of others, Mark relaxes with board games, Star Trek reruns, traveling, and by following the football fortunes of his alma mater, the University of Florida. In fact, Mark describes himself as a sports junkie who follows all major sports, pro, and college.

For his hobbies, Mark plays fantasy sports, travels, and collects Bibles (he currently owns over twenty different bible translations). 

By his admission, he’s is not good at small talk, and people who don’t know him might consider him distant. Not true, it’s merely that Mark is a deep thinker with an offbeat sense of humor who appreciates the more substantial and vital aspects of life…as his Myers-Briggs type indicator of ISTJ suggests.



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