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Arts and Culture ~ Poems The lies that lie
Arts and Culture ~ Other 'RELATIONSHIP' is NOT a BASIC NEED!
Arts and Culture ~ Poems For The Hell Of It
Arts and Culture ~ Other A Time to Love and a Time to Walk
Arts and Culture ~ Other Introduction to God's Favor
Arts and Culture ~ Poems Shame
Arts and Culture ~ Poems My Everyday
Arts and Culture ~ Other The Power of Waiting
Arts and Culture ~ Poems You
Arts and Culture ~ Poems I Stayed
Arts and Culture ~ Poems Listen
Arts and Culture ~ Poems This Big heart
Arts and Culture ~ Poems I Like
Arts and Culture ~ Short Stories My Love's Design
Arts and Culture ~ Other Friend's Sting: When a Friend Betrays You
Arts and Culture ~ Poems Still it Beats
Arts and Culture ~ Poems Misandmom
Arts and Culture ~ Short Stories Under the Sun



Where Is 'WE' Going?

6/20/2019 4:34:33 AM

Hello beautiful people, how are you doing? I’m peachy, thank you. So, I’ve just realized that I haven’t officially introduced myself; pardon my manners. My name is…just call me Nyash, everybody calls me that. Back to my man issues, I have a best friend called Vivian Chepng’eno Bii whom I hate with a passion, in a love kind of way. (more...)

Me Want Man

6/18/2019 2:59:21 AM

Today’s on a Sunday and I’m seated in my room trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. I want so many things, so many. I had a chance to sum it all up and this is what I came up with; I want to be a successful daughter, mother and wife to all that fill (more...)



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