Crying In The Rain

Written by Tim Hoffman |

≈●≈ Crying in the Rain ≈●≈


Beautiful eyes crying in the rain

Liquid lines revealing her pain

With a fake smile, she says it’s okay

But her aching heart won’t go away


Tears of sorrow continually stream

As she chokes back a silent scream

Without uttering a single word

She wishes to be heard


A princess is crying in the rain

Endless tears leave their strain

With her heart weary and weak

She struggles just to speak


Seemingly, others cannot see

Only one and that is me

Wanting to softly dry her eyes

Proving that love of life still implies



© Tim Hoffman

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Author: Tim Hoffman
I grew up in rural Lima, Ohio. My first poem was written in 1987. I didn't actually begin writing until 2002. I decided to finally compose a book because so many have told me I should. I am always constantly writing. Check Poetry and quotes from my Heart on Facebook
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