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When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Life gave me rocks and apparently rockade is very... let's just leave it at that.


My life is what my little sister, Cleo, would call, an edy-edy. Which is her ship name for a comedy tragedy? The older version of me, only less demented, just barged into my lilac haven- which is what I like to call my sorry excuse of a room.

"Are you still moping about Logan?" She was talking about Logan the lowlife who ditched me for a junior after a year of dating without sex- honestly, don't blame him. I would leave me too if we weren't in the same body. But I wouldn't tell Celeste that.

"Are you still getting educated about the basics of mathematics by a toddler? Yeah, we can't all be winners."

"Why you little brat! Well, I guess you can cook your own dinner tonight because you ain't getting any of mine." She snapped and slammed my door shut behind her as she stormed out, red hair flowing behind her.

Stupid Siobhan, you know you can't cook. Why the hell did you say that? You're gonna starve.

Shut up, Machara. I'd like to be alone tonight.

You know you can't be alone. I'm always here-

You don't need to remind me that I'm cursed for life.

Celeste came back in at that moment and I lit like a light bulb. Not my best joke but, hey, we can't all be perfect.

That joke was dry Siobhan.

I try.

Suddenly, I heard Celeste chuckle. I raised an amused eyebrow that was clipped to perfection and she scoffed.

"I think You need help, Celeste."

"I'm not the one talking to myself in different voices. Aloud."

I gasped and Celeste smirked before dropping the basket on the tacky carpet of my perfect room. "You need to sort these out."

"And you need a love life."

"Do you have a brain?"


"Then flip that switch and turn it on already, I've had enough of brainless Siobhan for one day." 

Celeste smiled and walked out.

Smooth moves Siobhan. Now we probably won't get breakfast tomorrow too!

To hell with you.

I hate you

I hate you also.

I thought only humans were capable of emotion.

"For the love of God would you shut up already?! I'm trying to watch a movie and your talking to yourself is not helping me!"



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Author: Juanita Smith
I'm Juanita but everyone calls me Juan, which is pronounced like the first number- one. And yes I am always at the top. I think writing is cool and I joined this website to better myself for my future career. I like ice cream and I'm only 14 and close to overweight (I don't know why I added that last part.)


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