Death In Between

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                                                  DEATH  IN  BETWEEN

My world of  discovery led me into travelling across the world.

One day I said to myself:  let me go round the world;  maybe I can see God to ask questions  about  life difficulties.

Little did I know that the journey was between life and death.

Then, I wash my ship and the journey began.

 In between the waves of the sea and the  waters; lies my life  and the fear of  death  encompassed my heart.

 Travelling across the sea, hearing nothing but terrible deadly  voices of the sea wave.

Each time I relief myself of fear, suddenly,  Shark  from the deep sea  hit tail on  the water harder;  

and my head got swollen and more fearful  I became.

 The journey continue anyway.  I sailed all days and nights.  

Hay : the Eagle bird whispered

Looking at the sky from the window of my ship  to wave hand at the eagle bird, my ship changed direction.   

I shouted  oh!  what do I do now?   

Suddenly, I saw raffia palm  and coconut trees  

 The Eagle bird  whispered harder  again; hay!  Hay!!  Hay!!!  

I replied in braveness voice but with  fearful eyes,  what did  you say? 

Then the Eagle  bird  flew  towards  the coconut trees.


I shouted,  Yes! 

Quickly I remembered

 My father once told me in one of his  new moon  stories that  voice of birds in  the forest shows  hunters their way

As I followed the Eagle, suddenly my ship sail to the land where the coconut trees are.

It seems getting dark no sign of light , I pick up  my  touch light from the ship and put one foot on the ground like a dove;  watching and turning my neck around  to see through the dark.

As I approach the coconut trees, I saw  a face of man, hiding behind ant hill spying  at me.

I shouted ; anybody here?

Then, a man start moving towards me, my feet skip steps, my eyes pretending to close, my heart shaking as if  is  boiling.

The man asked me with monster voice; what is my  name?

 My name is  Abbey,

I ask him back with scaring voice;  what is your name  sir ?

Duda,  he shouted in an unfriendly  manner

Duda  sir, what are you doing here alone?

Duda: I guide the entrance gate of our primitive planet.

Did I hear you say  primitive planet?

Duda yes, a planet where only nude people lives

 Then, I  turned  and said to my ship  goodbye.

The journey with Duda  takes hours  to enter the town.

 I lost completely everything about where am coming from.

Natives  of the town were completely nude,

 short in seizes, with long hairs and serpent kind of eyes.

Communication is by body signs, everyone look at me and smiling with nose

Fear of death increased in me and  my breath was  between my  head and legs.


Duda came and said  to me today make it seven days  your visit to  our planet

Get ready for  welcome dance of  nude natives.

Behold, three nude  women were presented to me as  kola nut offering, this is temptation I said to myself, because I like women.

I pray silently with my heart, Oh God let this temptation pass over me.

I was like a dead man in the  midst of the living.

 Duda  palmed my back and said  get set for the  nude dance; you must dace naked.

 The  market square was set for  my naked dance..

I looked in between my legs, my manhood is longer than everyone my eyes could see around.

Shame slaps my face but, I just have to cooperate anyway.

As days and years went by, I started to treat the sick among the natives with little  drugs I travelled with.

 I was highly celebrated, yet my thoughts  of returning home was kept focused.   

I became like a god in their  midst.  Everyone want to stay with me all days and all night

Looking at my age, everyone around me looks younger, then,

 I asked Duda, why there is no old people?

Duda replied,  people don’t get older  more than 30 years here. I  am already in my 50s

I said to him.

Duda:  it’s a taboo to live longer, it has been like that for ages.

I say to myself, I had better return, one year with them is like a thousand years


One day in their midst is like one year, I wanted to sneak out but my heart said, don’t.

The fear of been killed by unknown forces resonance rapidly in me.

Day and night the voice of returning kept talking to me.

The natives  never travel out of the place,

I noticed  that I   was the only stranger  in the town for the  years I have  stayed

The Natives  wanted me to stay permanently and become a king over them.

My height and body muscles skin, was to them as security and symbol of god only.

 But to live nude  like them for the  rest of my life  is hard decision to make

One day, I said to the people it’s  important that I travel for  more drugs from my world.

 I am running out of drugs to treat the sick, having spent seven years. 

Surprise! I was granted  permission  to travel and return to be crown as king of nude planet.

Hmmm, new hope of life came back to me and the journey to return get set.

Screaming and stretching my body, I shouted aloud:  Life in the primitive planet was between life and death.

My eyes opened.

 It was  dream.

Written by Omojevwe  Emmanuel.

Copyright ©

Pastor Emmanuel Brown Omojevwe is a recognized and respected pastor, founder, and General Overseer of True Vine Evangelical Bible Ministry worldwide. He is based in Italy, where the headquarters of the church is found. He is a prophet, teacher, evangelist, pastor, preacher, prolific writer, poet, and an international public speaker.


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