Family Cat

Written by Line Monique Gauthier |
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King of the castle

Proud and arrogant

Prowls at night

Spends days alternating

Stretching and sleeping

Following that perfect

Internal clock for feeding times

Totally content with the dullest routine

Dreading jolly interruptions

Those busy festive family rumblings

So many extra people roundabout

All that crazy horsing around

Cat goes about his business

Staying out of family politics

Pussyfooting through the minefield

As I wisely follow his lead


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Form of Poetry

Free verse

Author: Line Monique Gauthier
I started writing poetry as a teenager and the passion for it flourished since retiring. I also dabble in photography, watercolour and acrylics. I created what I call Flash Memory Therapy. I am an active member of Haiku Canada and My poetry is down-to-earth and meant to be understood as opposed to impress with hifalutin words.
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