For The Hell Of It

Written by Aska Makori |
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I know you don't love me and it's fine

But for this remaining time could you lie?

It's obvious you feel something for me

I know its not love but I'm fine

So down with me would you lie?

It's almost full moon tonight

The light will be out and I will be gone 

Just for tonight

Hold me in your arms

We don't have to say a word

Body language speaks loud in the dark

I know I'm a fool to long for you

I know forever is a lie

But my heart wont stop beating when you're around

Perfect is an illusion that you define

And Love

Love is the spear that wrecked my heart

I'm silently falling

Watching you


Wanting you


Falling for you

I know you don't love me, I'll be fine

But will you say you do?

I want to count my blessings before we lie

When you wake up I'll be gone

You won't miss me, that's fine

But I will

Every second

Every minute

Every hour

Every day

And when the pain is too much I'll cry

And to my breaking heart I will lie

And for the healing time I will long

Then I'll learn to forget

So before my time is up will you love me?

Before dawn breaks will you see me?

Before the wind takes me will you hold me?

Before I fall will you catch me?

Before it's too late will I win you?

Will I make you love me?

Say it even though you don't mean it

Because when you lie, you wont unlie

Please love me tonight

Before the light comes out

Love me for the last time

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Form of Poetry

I do not know?

Author: Aska Makori
Living my life, just living in Kenya.
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