God Speed

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This land of the free has become more of a jail cell. Gun control and martial law leave no room to tell. Who is good and who is bad in this country gone to hell. How do you pray in a place where everything else fails. And not be afraid of authority on your trail. In a world of so much hate, how can love prevail?

The way of life is just do what you're told. Anyone pushing their opinions and view face threats until they fold. Even the weather is no longer in God's hold. This is a place filled with the darkest of souls. Prepare to be shunned and kicked out in the cold. For staying strong to your beliefs and sharing what you know.

Democracy is nothing more than a cover. Plutocracy is now in effect, better known as the new world order. Remember lessons taught to you by your father and mother. Don't conform, instead wake up and believe in each other.

This world will burn to ashes before most will see. We are living in a time of biblical prophecy. Imagine the moon falling to the sea. That is only a glimpse of what this could mean.

Chaos within our homes and heartbreaking catastrophe. Something unstoppable with imminent possibilities, of  many  horrible events ending in tragedy.   

Only thing is keep your heart where it needs to be. Know where you're going when it's time to leave. Choosing evil will be done with ease. Bit to rise above is the best way to lead. Above and beyond anything you could ever need. Every eye and ear, it's time to take heed. Strength comes to those in need. To all of you, Gotod Speed!


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Author: Sandra Godwin
Sandra Godwin is a freelance writer and a stay at home mom. Writing mostly poetry, short stories, and songs, from mostly personal experiences. The strange and unexplained is also a great interest. Sandra is ready to be the best possible resource given the chance to share these amazing, sometimes shocking, and tragic stories.


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