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                                                                           Hello Friend


What’s up? I hope you’re doing well. I see life has taken it’s toll on you, believe me I can tell. Its like from the moment you are born society places you under its spell. Damn it what the hell is going on? I bet that’s the dialogue of your higher self. So guess what? They may label you but no one can place you on a shelf because your soul is not for sale! They can brand you call you all sorts of names, put you in boxes of every weight, size and shape but they can’t ship you in the mail. You are priceless my friend but valuable at the same time. And as one the closest friends you will ever have in THIS existence. I want to help calm the storms that are raging in your mind.  So you tell me you feel like nobody understands you and you feel all alone in what you are going and growing through. Hey man I see you, I hear you I FEEL YOU. I am here for you I want to be there for you even when they say you are too soft spoken, I lend you my ears so you can let you heart speak because I want to unconditionally be there for you. Hey man listen I know you experienced times and situations where you felt no connection to anyone and they labeled you antisocial weird and unvocal. I been there too and I know that can drive even the best of us loco. So you tell me you feel anxious and stressed out about your future based on your past experiences, like all the things that were said to you, done to you caused you to want to just get away from it all and shut down. I get it and to honest with you, it’s perfectly Ok to NOT be ok. It’s actually cool to not fit in because you have the power to DECIDE when you are in alignment with what you feel inside.  Why? Because only you can know what is best. Until next time take care and be blessed.

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Author: Christen Foster
Hi, my name is Christen Foster I prefer Chris for short. I am a native of Boston MA I am a local poet my poetry is known both online (Facebook, Poetry Soup, YouTube) as well as offline. I have also published my first poetry book between 2017-2018 title "Soul of My Words Heart of My Mind". available on Amazon.


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