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°•●•° Hypnotized °•●•°


Hands rested upon your hips
Mouth caressing and locked on your lips
With a stroke of my hand I glide
Leaving nothing behind to hide
My mind lost and busy
Leaving me virtually dizzy
Gazing upon your lovely face
My other hand begins to trace
Overwhelmed by total desire
My heart rages into a blazing fire
Hypnotized by your beauty, I stare
Nothing in this world can compare
Completely electrified by your touch
My love for you magnified thrice as much
Succumbed by total bliss
Knowing I'll forever have this
Hypnotized by love so pure
True beauty...
My enduring lure
Never do I wish to be without you
Just for eternity and on to love you true

© Tim Hoffman

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Author: Tim Hoffman
I grew up in rural Lima, Ohio. My first poem was written in 1987. I didn't actually begin writing until 2002. I decided to finally compose a book because so many have told me I should. I am always constantly writing. Check Poetry and quotes from my Heart on Facebook
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Card image cap Tim Hoffman - Thank you kindly!
Card image cap Phil Capitano - Very emotive write, Tim, felt the attraction full stop. :)

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