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          My name is Maximus and it has been a few years now since I left earth, let me tell you about my little adventure. Earth, homeland for humans…has nothing left for me, don’t get me wrong earth is great but…there’s no adventure left there. All the land has been surveyed and even the sea that was once the biggest mystery has been solved. The underwater continent of Atlantis and its mer-people were surprising an economically stable country, it has been around for some time now and its even involved in international trade, tourism and things like that. There is nothing left for an adventurer like me on earth so one day I packed my bags bought a somewhat reliable spaceship. Then my dog Zeus and I left for space. During the first year after our departure we landed on three planets, the first two were okay we got amazing food there; it was somewhat similar to earth in that way and also the fact that the people were highly developed and there was not much exploring to do. The third planet, let’s just say that it’s a memory that we will never forget. The place had no buildings in sight it was purely forest and oceans, we had high hopes but then we had to make a swift escape when we saw reptilian humanoids riding creatures that look like dinosaurs charging at us.

          After a year and three months we began running out of supplies including fuel. Then we came upon a planet that looked almost identical to earth. We attempted to land on it, but when we entered orbit something broke off and we gently crash landed on area that seemed to be cleared out for farming. The somewhat functioning computer said that the atmosphere was safe to breathe in so we opened the door. We went outside only to see an Armageddon scene from a movie except it was tiny people and they were running away from us. Zeus immediately started to chase which didn’t help our cause, I had to call him back and calm him down. For the next two weeks we stayed near the ship and ate the juicy fruits from the trees in area, during that time the locals would hide behind trees and watched us. One day I decided to wave and say hello to a group of them hiding in the bushes near by the ship, they seemed to understand and were less afraid. That evening an elderly man came up and greeted us. He wore what looked like a sheet with head and arm holes poked out, which was what everyone wore, except he also wore a white head wrap and a belt which made me think that he was someone of authority. To our surprise he got on his knees and said “I’m very sorry for the late greeting oh great one, my people and I were only cautious because we didn’t know what kind god you were”. I was surprised but before I could say that I was no god, he continued and said “the last gods that came here wiped out a lot of people and took our food”. I understood and decided to go along with what he was saying, I got up off the stone I was sitting on; he started to panic and I could see why, he was less than half of my height and he was tall compared to the others of his kind. I walked over to him and assured him that I came in peace and that no harm would come to anyone. He was glad and introduced himself as chief tatuno. That night they organized a feast, we finally got to eat meat for the first time in weeks. We decided to stay there for a while…well we didn’t have a choice our ship was broken.

           A few days after the feast I decided to start repairing the ship luckily, I had practice doing mechanical work but unfortunately the planet was a primitive one meaning they didn’t have any tools, spare parts or even electricity. They did know how to filter water and preserve meat properly though. I took my time repairing the ship since I was in no hurry, there were lots of unusual flora and fauna all over the place to investigate and it was fun interacting with them. Time flies fast and the next thing I knew we stayed on that planet for seven years. I was now twenty-nine years old and Zeus was ten years old, Zeus was a genetically engineered dog so he can live almost as long as I can. Over the years I noticed something very interesting about the people of the planet they call Azorax, they did not live very long, a year to me was almost 1000 years to them and because of that every month or so they would introduce a new chief to me while asking for blessings and other godly things like that. Over the seven years I’ve been on the planet I taught them many thing like how to mine, fish, produce electricity etc. During that same time, their clothing preferences changed drastically; they clearly observed the clothes I wore on a daily basis and made their version of them. I took my sweet time repairing the ship and by the eighth year it was finished, it was time for me to go. They didn’t want me to leave but I convinced them that I had to go, they were sad so I decided to give them a parting gift. I gave them newly hatch chicks and instructions on how to raise them, with that I bid them farewell and left with Zeus and continued our adventure.

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Author: Shamar Howell
Hello, my name is Shamar I recently started to use the name Maximus Odysseus on my stories. I am not a professional writer but I do love writing stories and I do so when ever I can. I am from the island of Jamaica. I mostly write non-friction short stories and graphic novels, I am even working on a novel nothing fancy but I do feel accomplished when I've written a page or 2.


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