I Like

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I like

I like to walk alone

Because when I'm alone, I get to be me

I like to laugh alot

Because when I laugh, I mask my pain

I like to walk in the rain

Because in the rain, they can't see my tears

I like to lie in the dark

Because in the dark, I cry myself to sleep

I like to say sorry

Because by saying sorry, they'll see I'm nice

I like to listen to them

Because if I don't, they won't like me

I like to joke alot

Because when I am serious, I'm invisible to them

I like to hide my feelings

Because when I'm vulnerable, I get hurt alot

I like building up my walls

Because when my guards are down, they see right through me

I like saying 'yes' to everything

Because when I stand up for myself, they weigh me down

I like sitting by myself sometimes

Because only I can comfort my bleeding heart

I like being depressed

Because depression makes me feel sad and when I'm sad, I smile

I like making people happy

Because I don't want them to feel what I feel around them

I like calling unto God

Because only he keeps the suicidal thoughts away 

I like

I like

I like till I hate.

I like hating people

Because when I love them, they never love me back

Why do I like?

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Author: Aska Makori
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