I Stayed

Written by Aska Makori |
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And I stayed

I stayed because I wanted to show you I was strong

I stayed because I was scared of being replaced

I stayed because I thought you'd change

I stayed because, what would I tell people?

I stayed because you were always the first to apologise

I stayed because I was ashamed of me

And stay I did

And the blows became bigger and better

And your friends started following the leader

And my friends got tired of my deaf ear and cut me out

I was alone

No, I still had you...

And stay I did...

Till my eyes could see no more

Till my arms could shield no more

Till my legs could run no more

I stayed till my grave became too small

For better for worse we said?

Then I deserve a  grammy 

I should have walked out of that door the moment you raised your hand

But I stayed to prove a point


So when you read my eulogy

Don't forget to tell them...

They all need to know

I stayed

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Author: Aska Makori
Living my life, just living in Kenya.
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