I Was In Love With The Poem

Written by Waveney Lander-Walters |
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I was in love with a Poem:

The poet lured her victims into her wild kingdom of
Word, words, words, that
became the forest of sexual illusion
verses and verses that I never encounter;

In this kingdom I never notice the Sunrise before Sunset
The chanting before the protesters
Lightening before the winds
suddenly brought on by the rain,
That triggers the mighty storms:

The poetics effects of Similes, Hyperbole,
Understatement and personification devices got my attention
Pages after pages,
line of words that opened my eyes,
The mighty pen, a trending poem,
and there I was a loyal reader
With an amazing cup of hot coffee

The poem took me through
this much-modernized tale of
Alice’s rabbit hole adventures

Poems are to be read aloud,
loving making is meant to be private
So is mourning for the dead:
Some things are just meant to be...private

My love for the poem and
my admiration on its poetic views
Is more than human emotions,
than my stimuli of brain sex
I read the poem while sipping my coffee,

Birth, death, politics and religion
Sex, drugs and empty souls : human emotions,
This much-modernized free verse poetry can causes multiplies  orgasms

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Form of Poetry

Dramatic Verse

Author: Waveney Lander-Walters
A nurse by day a poet by night


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