Ignorance of love

Written by Mfreke Etuk |
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Living in the same neighborhood

Growing up with her was fun

Playing together under  the rain

As children we were

We became best of friends

I was 5 and she was 4

Went to the same high school

Eat together during break time

I will fight bullies

Who come to bully her

We were fun of each other

It was just about the two of us


Graduating from high school

Went to the same college

Mum will always ask me

" hope you'll be friends forever " 

At college we had grown

She had become so beautiful

I became jealous

Seeing her talk to other boys

Never did really understand 

When I look into her eyes

Something in me change 

This was feelings


We've grown to the next stage of our life

This was love

Oh my God, I have feelings for my best friend

Am in love with her

Because of this I try to avoid her 

Distance my self from her

Oh how stupid I was

Should have allowed nature play it part


Before I could woke up 

She had already found love 

And it was not with me

She said I wasn't there 

Wen she needed a shoulder to Lin on

I wasn't there when she needed me

So she found someone

Oh what has ignorance done to me


 I should have let her know my feelings

But I was only trying to protect our friendship

Oh my best friend has found love in another

What if she only sees me as a friend? 

What if she only sees me as a brother?

Never wanted to loose our friendship 

What if she never felt the same way?


But is too late to make amends

She is already taken 

As her best friend

Walking with her down the aile 

To the alter to her husband

 she requested

For the sake of friendship

I did with hurts and pains

Walking her down the aile

In front of thousands of people

I couldn't help the tears in my eyes

It would have been me 

She say" I do " to

Looking at me she cried also

But no one knew why we cried 

Together we walk down the aile

Crying in silent

I guess mum knew

She cried also


Giving her hands  to her Mr Right

I guess am Mr wrong  

It was as seeing your parents

Lowered down the grave in front

Of your very eyes

I could not help 

But comfort myself with the memories

Of friendship.


Going back to the congregation

Mum look at me and say

" wipe away your tears my son

For the two of you were not meant to be"

Seeing her from a far

 standing with that 

 beautiful white long gown

With flowers in her hands

Exchanging marital vows 

Oh what a beautiful woman 

She has grown into

Tears roll down from my eyes

It should have been me 


And when she finally say 

"I do"

Tears came rolling out again

 With hurt and pain

I left

Oh my best friend

My childhood friend

Is now with another


Maybe not in this life

But in the next life

I will climb mountains

I will fight Goliath

I will cross oceans

Just to be with her


Thank you for the  memories 

My friend.



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Author: Mfreke Etuk
My name is Mfreke Etuk, a Nigerian by nationality. A graduate of creative writing, a script writer, novelist, dramatist etc.
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