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Have you ever come across people who have their whole lives figured out like damn! You're left wondering what's your purpose in this life? Ok, let me ask you a real question now...

Have you ever joined a new environment like started working in a new company or started learning in a new school or gone for a job interview and met people who are so confident, you feel your self-esteem crawl to a dark corner and refuse to come out?

Story, story... I once went for a job interview in this company, my very first and all the interviewees were gathered at the reception area, waiting. I sat next to these three girls who were speaking in very beautiful, very fluent, very attractive English. Oh my God, their accent was amazing.  They were talking about how they have gone for several other interviews in major companies and how they have so much experience in the job and so on...I remember asking myself in swahili...

Sasa hii kiherehere ya kukuja hapa interviews na hii ulimi yangu mzito nilitoa wapi?

The girls went on to reminisce on how they had been recommended for the job and asked to send their CVs.

I myself, had applied for the job desperately, I had sent my application credentials through the post office. From where I was seated, I envisioned how my stamped letter had reached the HR and he had gone all, who is this cliché human being? 

To cut this long story short, I got the job. We were so many but I was among the shortlisted few. What am I talking about? I am talking about God's favor. 

What is God's favor? God's favor is when you stand out as the good among the best, when you get a promotion after a month of being in a company, when you impress those meant to hate you, when you command respect from the feared, when you grab his attention from the millions of gorgeous surrounding him. God's favor is when the least qualified stands out as the most appropriate. This is the kind of situation where you find yourself making exploits when everyone around you including yourself thought least of you.

Looking back, do you remember Esther from the bible, the woman was surrounded by so much favor, the king and the whole palace danced to her tune. Look at Esther 2:8-9. She was Hegai's favourite. He made sure she was comfortable at the Harem. Later on she won the Kings heart and in God's favor, saved the Israelites from destruction. Remember, this was a young orphan with no proper surname, raised by her cousin who taught her the ways of the lord.

Ok, maybe you'll all say, Esther used her beauty to get what she wanted, fine, let me give you another example, Joseph. This young man was surrounded my bad lack. It's like every door opened for him was rudely closed on his face! He was the favorite son among Jacob's twelve sons but that earned him his brother's wrath. They sold him as a slave but again, God's favor located him in Egypt, he deciphered the King's dream and won favor in his eyes. He was immediately made powerful and through that, he redeemed his family and the Israelites at large. Amazing, right? Even the book of Acts 7:9-10 summarises all this!

No? What? You think Joseph's talent saved him a place in the high table? Ok, fine. How about another example...Abraham. Now this one is full of it. His life before knowing God was just inexplicable. They worshiped the Sun and heavenly bodies; idols. But do you know that even then, God had already favored him? He chose him, changed his name and blessed him. What about his very beautiful wife, Sarah? Sarah was made beautiful. She was so beautiful that Pharaoh was smitten, he wanted her. She was so beautiful that Abraham has twice referred to her as his sister because he was scared of the favor she won in men's eyes. They both were full of God's favor, he blessed them with a son at an old age. Moving on, God's favor for Abraham wouldn't allow him to accept Isaac, his son, as a sacrifice. Seeing Abraham's faith in him, he blessed him abundantly and made him the father of nations. Amazing, right?

No? Oh come you still want other examples? Fine, read John 3:16. We, mortal men. We had, have and always sin against God but his favor is so great, he gave his only child, Jesus Christ to die for our sins so that we would be forgiven, so that we don't perish.  This means that we all walk in God's favor, we all have his's all a matter of commanding it to locate us.

How do we command favor in our lives? 

Live according to the ways of God. Before you do anything, always ask yourself, does this please God? Psalms 19:14. In Psalms 84:11, we are told that God bestows favor and honor on those whose walk is blameless. God doesn't want us to be perfect but to glorify him in everything we do and in that way, we get his grace.

You can't just sit there and wait for your favor to locate you. Who do you think you are? Make your life prayerful. Talk with God, speak favor upon your life, upon your career, upon your job, upon your family...Have a prayerful lifestyle. Your favor could be floating somewhere trying to locate you till you call upon it in prayers. Make it a habit to pray every morning when you wake up. Speak favor upon your activities and surely, your day will be full of favor.

"If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will you father who is in heaven give good things to those who as him." Matthew 7:11

Open your heart to receive. Clear your heart of anything that might turn the grace of God away from you. It could be that grudge you are holding because you don't want to forgive, that revenge plan that's giving you sleepless nights, that person that you wronged and haven't asked for forgiveness, the cheating, the lying, stealing...etc. All these are toxic things that clog your heart and need to be cleared to give room for God's favor. Matthew 5:8

Finally, always involve God in everything you do. Life without God is impossible. The number of times call upon God in a day is enough to confirm that life without God is impossible. How many time's have you sworn in God's name, applauded in Gods name, called upon his name? Before the day ends, God's name leave our lips countless times. Now, how about we turn these countless times in our favor? Every time you call upon the lord, ask for his guidance, assistance, blessings, control. Call upon the lord and ask for his grace because in everything, his grace is always sufficient.

"What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?Romans 8:31

I remember this one time I was seated in a bus. We were on traffic and I was just staring out of the window at people with big flashy cars and trying to imagine their lives and how happy they could be. Then I felt something in my heart, something like my voice talking to me telling...

"God has not given you all that's best in life but what's best for your life. Don't look at what others have that you don't but at what you have but they don't. Be happy, God's grace is enough"

And that, that is all I can tell you too...Look at what you have that others don't. Look at both your parents, others don't have parents. Look at the roof over your head, your studies, your talent...look at you! You are here, thank God. There are people who were here but are now six feet under. Every day we live is a reminder of God's favor upon us. If God has enabled you to see another day, he has more great in store for you. Be patient, live right and always command favor into your life because favor, favor... God's favor is all you need to bring mountains down.

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God. Ephesians 2:8


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