It is Inevitable for a Human not to Bully

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Do you think people are different to one each other or They are similar in Everything they do?

Living In this world, we usually engage in some different situation but the same act always. Always remember that people are naturally sensitive and fragile. We can hurt them just by the way we talk, look and act, and for them, they can hate us just by the way they look at us for the first time.

When you look at your place and environment, the people in every inch of your eyes can be a bullied and take note you can also be called a bullied. In a certain way, We're living with full of similarities to each other. When you are talking to someone always think twice for sure, Is it the way they take your choice of words or the way you delivered it. You will never know their mind, their thoughts and how they make food on their own. The only thing we need to to do is to becareful.but, of course, some of them never tend to hurt one another or to bully but at the end f the time they did, Why? Because, in everything we said it could cause bullying that's why if we tend to be careless and insensitive, there are so many people that we are hurting by unreasonable reason. Especially in a circle of friend teasing your friend is their only way to enjoy having each other but try to understand that even though they laugh at your words they're enjoying it, but maybe they're just hiding the impact of your words. Watch your words especially to someone you're close with. They can go and gone, leaving you alone without tracing the real reason for the loss.

Bullying is a crime, Everyone knows it. It can kill someone and it changed so many people's behavior. As for you like me who are students Let's learn how to love someone confidently.Whatever the pain and trials we have don't forget that there's always someone who is willing to be a shoulder for you. Bullying will never satisfy you, It will ruin you. Let's gather ourselves to be a role model to each other Let's light the darkness. Is it your choice to continue bullying and to believe that people are inevitable to bully or from now on you will change that belief to people will never be a BULLIED.

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Author: jamaica silva
I'm still a student a wanted to earn money from my basic knowledge specially when it comes to writing..I'm not that great but I'm competent when it comes to this. I'm only 15 and i have 3 siblings at home..I want to try and enjoy myself while studying


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