June 16 in 2018

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2018 June 16 has became a celebration or an excuse for youth to drink and host parties. 1976 youth had values, goals and most of them all they were brave . They were not intimidate by race,guns ,blood and people who have authority . They knew what they wanted and need and stand for it. I love 1976 youth and I am learning a lot from them. Actually the 1976 youth is our parents , they may not have money ,luxury but they have dignity and integrity and no one can take that away from them, But what I think they youth of 2018 should have is Dignity, Integrity and most important Education . I once saw a potential and powerful youth in South Africa its was when varsity students fighting free education , Everything that was happening that time was so beautiful and powerful .They all had same  vision ,goals and they were ready to risk  their lives and future . They didn't have fear or a worry that they will be we expelled from varsity . And on the other hand we other youth . I'm even ashamed to call them youth in fact South African youth because they show the side of fear,negligence, and failure . they are failing their own lives ,they don't have future , They are dead walking . They eat and live drugs. Others are showering   themselves with alcohol OH!  what a dead youth.Sometimes I just wish to see what's in the minds but then I realise they dont have brain because there is no one who has a brain can smoke something  can kill them and their dignity . Oh I'm sure they don't know and understand the word dignity..... The message I have for the 2018 June 16 youth is  to STAY IN YOUR LANE AND NEVER PRETEND TO SOMEONE ELSE........... Let's fight these drug dealers and takers ..report report and report....AND TO THE GOVERNMENT AND STUDENTS LET STAND TOGETHER AND CHALLENG THE LAW TO FREE THOSE STUDENTS WHO ARE STILL ARRESTED FOR FIGHTING WHAT IS RIGHT ....FOR FIGHTING FOR THE LEGACY OF THE UPCOMING GENERATIONS........FREE KHAYA FREE OTHER STUDENTS ....THERE ARE PEOPLE OTHSIDE THERE , WHO RAPE AND KILL CHILDREN THAT NEEDS TO BE LOCKED UP IN JAIL , NOT STUDENTS WHO WERE JUST ASKING TO STUDY .......LETS DO THE RIGHT THING .....I LINDELWA NTINI I AM CHALLENGING THE LAW FREE FREE FREE FREE THOSE STUDENTS.......AMANDLA!!! 

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Author: lindelwa ntini
Writing vanishes my problems, heals my pain , writing is my inspiration , shows me the side of me that i don't know, the brave & smart , Writing is part of my values and beliefs , The person that i am when i'm not writing is a fake me , because by then I am not free i'm living to please other people but not me. But in my writing i am not afraid to say NO ,I am FREE.


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