Latitudes and Attitudes

Written by Maryanne Dunne |
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Latitudes and Attitudes

Women are like the wind

you enjoy the warm breeze melting your heart

on a blustery day.

you bask in the heat of their passion

on a cold winter's night.

you linger in the coolness of their seduction.

on a hot summer's day

while it lasts

and then you move on to a different zone.

I am a subarctic zone;

a quick winter thaw

blowing my love kisses over your soul and your frigid heart

melting away your barricades of protection.

I am a subtropical zone;

a typhoon

drowning you in my waves of seduction

and my need to love and know all of you.

I surge upwards into the rivers and streams of your emotions

moving debris out of my wake.

Undaunted in my path;

I willingly destroy anything that obstructs me

in my frenetic pursuit of you..

I am a desert zone;

a heat wave

scorching you with my seductive breath

washing over you with my hot, sizzling come

rekindling you my fiery touch.

I am a seismic zone;

an earthquake

rocking, shaking your very being

smashing down your secure perimeters.

Barriers you have built up can withstand my jolts,

yet, your foundations tremble and collapse.

I am a mid latitude zone;

a tempestuous hurricane

balmy breezes that fool your defenses.

My waves of love smash into your wind breakers

crashing down the protective sea walls of your mind.

I am a torrid zone;

a volcano of fire and passion

searing your very core

burning through

and igniting your body into smoldering flames

with my smoky, hot lava.

I am a tundra zone;

an icy, bone chilling storm

freezing and closing off every escape route

you can not flee from me.

I encase you with my determined lust

to hold you

and enfold you with my intensity.

You cannot escape the weather,

nor can you flee from me.

I am driven with desire

I am uncontrollable in my relentless quest.

I am tenacious,

I am unyielding.

I will not acquiesce.

I will not concede.

I will not grow weary

until I have worn you out

in my tempestuous assault of all your senses.

Surrender your heart and soul to me

and me alone.

Maryanne Dunne

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Author: Maryanne Dunne
I like to write poetry that honors our Vets, active military and romantic poetry. Both of my books have been published but are currently out of print. These books were written when I got involved in a Military biker club. My writings tell of that adventure and the vets that changed my opinion about our military forces.


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