Let The Child Out

Written by Bob Taub |
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My life was over before it started

I spent my childhood brokenhearted,

My parents didn’t treat me as they should,

When I was still in childhood.


I wish they could have seen my eyes,

They might have seen my fear and heard my cries,

Now I’m grown up and still feel the pain,

I  keep going each day through that hell again,

Every day for me is a living hell,

And I suffer more than I can tell.


The child in me keeps asking when?

Will I feel loved and wanted again,

I want the pain and fear to go away

So that the child can come out to play.


I know in my heart it wasn’t me,

That caused this child so much misery,

But I want to help the child to fight,

And I try each day with all my might.


I want to find the love I never had,

When the child and I had a Mom and Dad,

We no longer want to feel abused,

And not feel unloved and used.


Let the child come out so we can both live,

So that both can share the love we can give,

The child and I only hope and pray

That this will all come about one day.


Robert Taub

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Author: Bob Taub
I am 84 years old and have been writing since I was 8, I have had 3 books published. I write poetry, short stories and jingles.


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