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Hi! My name is Lilli and I am living in 2118 and I will tell you what is happening in 2118. Today we are going to a road trip so let’s pack our bags. We have bags that can fit anything inside it. It is not tall but it has all those I need, let’s see I have my blanket, my pillow  and some toys for my small brother Ethan and small sister Ella  and oh I almost forgot my ring [whistles] ring rings now you see we used to have phones that fit in our pockets but not anymore we have phones that are rings you just have to say the password on the ring then it comes  up right in front of your face so that is done, now that we are done packing and  can start showing you around our car first we have the toilet I know it sound weird but yes we do have toilet, then 7 beds,32 seats, playing area, a fridge, and a cooler and lastly 4 TVs. Wait did I mention that our car drives on the road, sails on the sea, becomes a submarine and flies in the air. So now let me tell where we are going we are in UAE and are going to USA and my mom is in charge for food and drinks, my dad for driving, sailing and flying my uncle to help him incase he gets tired, me for keeping my twin younger siblings Ella and Ethan entertained, now we can take off. As we took off the twins started to get to bored that when I had an idea whenever we go somewhere I take my invention bag that is filled with screws, wires etc .Since I knew what they all liked I made a fashion helper for Ella that means her whole body on a big piece of cardboard then she can put clothes on it to see what looks good on her and what doesn’t and for Ethan a gun that shoots soft things but I kept some magnets inside them so that stick to the wall. After a while Ethan came up to me and said “I want to do the same thing as Ella!” I knew that was going to happen so I quickly went and got the same thing for Ethan and then Ella went to watch TV. Then my uncle started to sail on the water. After then Ethan and Ella started to fight on the last piece off chocolate. So I used the double machine to double it but then my mom said “we have five more hours till we reach”. I was really happy so I made a picture of the whole family in car. After five hours we reached and went to a hotel to stay in. The distance which used to take us 36 hours to complete took us in less than 7 hours. The only means to travel 100 years before was through air but now we can travel in our own car and take a pleasure trip through air, sea and land. We are glad that we are in 2118 which are making things so easy and comfortable.  

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Author: Zaina Khwaja
I am 9 years old studying in grade 5. I have passion for writing and sport.


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