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Can you hear that sound?

It’s like the birds are singing tonight

Just listen

It’s the melody to my soul

It’s like my heart is dancing to the rhythm of each beat

And I can’t stop smiling

This feeling is hard to explain

It’s a mixture of joy and fear and its beautiful

You are beautiful

It’s hidden deep in your eyes but I can see it

Because I’m hiding it too


So light in my heart but heavy on my tongue

I want to tell you how I feel

I want you to tell me you feel it too


Listen to the silence engulfing us

Isn’t it amazing?

When we touch and the sparkles fly

One by one

Every time I look into your eyes I feel younger

I can’t help feeling giddy

Like a baby taking her first tiny steps

Will you catch me when I fall?

Because in your arms I find solace

I would have given you my heart

But you stole it once upon a time

So tonight I’m giving you me

Damn I'm in love for the first time


If only you could listen


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Form of Poetry

I do not know?

Author: Aska Makori
Living my life, just living in Kenya.
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