Love Oh, Love

Written by Christina Kalinga |
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                            Love Oh, love

Love to be where there is no fear,

Love to see that you share,

Love to make you my heir, 

     Love Oh, love

Love to make  you mine,

Love to see that your smile,

Love to be in hour hands.

     Love Oh, love

Love to see that you care,

Love to be in your air,

Love to take you anywhere,

      Love Oh, love

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Author: Christina Kalinga
I am christina kalinga, born in East Africa,Tanzania Iringa region, in a familly of 7 children and i am the second from the last. Writting is part of my life, i express my feelings through writting... " My writting my life, read and evaluate yours"


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Card image cap Christina Kalinga - Thanks mellissa Crooks, i will do that.
Card image cap Mellissa Crooks - Nice poem. It has an easy beautiful flow while telling a story. Maybe take a second look to correct some small spelling mistakes and word choice. But well done.

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