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Happiness During Stressful Times, How Can That Be Attained?

Written by Mark Pringle
Have you ever noticed that occasionally you see people, who by most measures, should be happy? They have excellent health. They have more than enough money. They have a good job, a beautiful house, and an excellent core group of friends. However, these individuals always seem to be unhappy. O Read More

Facilitate Happiness by Not Wasting Time with Unproductive Things

Written by Mark Pringle
Wasting time means spending time on things that are either unproductive or that take time away from productive things. For example, spending time surfing the internet or social network sites, playing video games, watching TV, and doing similar things with no goal in mind is a waste of time and creat Read More

The Skyrocketing Cost of a College Education - Facts to Consider

Written by SodaCoffee Staff
The cost of education in college has skyrocketed in recent history. It is undoubtedly the reason why student loans make the second most significant part of the United States’ consumer debt category, only behind home loan debts. Shockingly, this is more than the debt of auto loans or credi Read More

Fun Things That Don’t Cost Much Money

Written by SodaCoffee Staff
There seems to be an unwritten rule that you must spend money to have fun. That is certainly not true. Here is a quick list of some fun things that you can do that cost little or no money. Engage your artistic/creative side: draw, write, read, cook, or make handmade crafts and gifts Encourag Read More

What Does it Mean to be an Entrepreneur?

Written by SodaCoffee Staff
Have you ever wondered how that local and very small-scale family grocery store makes ends meet and why they go through the effort of owning their family business? Have you questioned how that friend of yours who started manufacturing items in his mother's basement now has an online and "br Read More

Understand the Purpose of Life Insurance

Written by Mark Pringle
Don’t look at life insurance as an investment. Look at it as a way to protect your loved ones in case the breadwinner of the family dies, and the family’s savings do not allow the family to be self-insured. Stick to term life insurance, which is the most basic type of insurance. It co Read More

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