Mundane Entity (ME)

Written by Juanita Smith |
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To be like me,
You will always be in tears
You will never be free
Your life will be haunted by your fears
You will never know joy's face 
Or receive any grace

To be like me,
You must be ready to die
To make sure others do not cry
You won't be able to flee
When trouble is near
Your suffering will be key
To bring back joy's cheer
Even if it doesn't include you

To be like me, 
Your life will be filled with pain
New troubles will come your way 
If you have hope, you'll reign
That is all I can say

If you want to be like me, 
You will have to pay a fee

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Form of Poetry


Author: Juanita Smith
I'm Juanita but everyone calls me Juan, which is pronounced like the first number- one. And yes I am always at the top. I think writing is cool and I joined this website to better myself for my future career. I like ice cream and I'm only 14 and close to overweight (I don't know why I added that last part.)


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