No More

Written by Savannah Otto |
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No more covering my mouth to muffle my screams 
No more convincing me it's okay when it isn't 
No more "Shh they don't have to know"
No more being held down and penetrated
No more begging you to stop and leave me alone 
No more drugs in my drink or my food or anything

No more of you saying I have to do this because I love you 
No more demanding me to have sex with you even when I don't want it
No more tying me up when you know I don't like it
No more beating me up when I don't want to take it

No more keeping my mouth shut 
No more hiding my pain and suffering 
No more rape I'm going to the police 
No more you making my life hell
No more us, never again I hope you rot in that jail cell

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Form of Poetry


Author: Savannah Otto
I am just an ordinary girl with a love for writing, I have been writing since the seventh grade and want to go further with it. It is what I love to do and could not imagine doing anything else with my future.


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