Noah’s Apprentice On The Ark

Written by Line Monique Gauthier |
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Mark Clarke was the gentlest man of Denmark

Yet considered by all a most unlikely patriarch

He was proud being Noah’s apprentice on the ark


Mark was in charge of ensuring all the animals did embark

Two by two in harmony, elephant, giraffe, tiger, and aardvark

Shared the gameplan with the many types of whale and shark 


Ensured every bird was onboard, especially the skylark

Mark’s wondrous inventory was classified by icon and footmark

And sometimes in the margin he would jot a special remark

He hoped no one would notice he found neither unicorn nor snark


For weeks the sun was flooded by torrential rains making the sky darkest dark

They prayed out loud for the promised rainbow, that long-awaited coloured arc      

When the rains finally subsided they looked for the closest park

Everyone had cabin fever and were ecstatic to disembark


Rowdiness of meow, oink, purr, caw, growl, snarl and bark

Plans were soon ongoing to celebrate with a feisty spark

Evaluating the damage up and down and all around  Hark!

Mark said Yeah, that’s gonna leave quite a watermark


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Form of Poetry


Author: Line Monique Gauthier
I started writing poetry as a teenager and the passion for it flourished since retiring. I also dabble in photography, watercolour and acrylics. I created what I call Flash Memory Therapy. I am an active member of Haiku Canada and My poetry is down-to-earth and meant to be understood as opposed to impress with hifalutin words.
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