OVER FIELDS OF MARIGOLD: a sunset lullaby

Written by Line Monique Gauthier |
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Hush little baby, my little chickadee

Listen you’ll hear the symphony

As I gently rock my baby to sleep

Counting sheep with Little Bopeep


Singing you this lullaby my dear

Whispered softly in your ear

The sun sets with colours of gold

Over swaying fields of marigold


Hush little baby sleep or sing along

With the other angels all night long

Tomorrow the sun will rise with a purr

There will be time for giggles and laughter


But now it’s time for bedtime

So close your little eyes with a rhyme

The sun sets with colours of gold

Over swaying fields of marigold


Let your spirit soar on a breath of love

Dance with the other angels up above

And a one and a two and a three

Let your spirit soar high and free


Rocking gently to and fro

I will see you early tomorrow

Sleep tight my little angel, goodnight

Around on the carousel, goodnight


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Author: Line Monique Gauthier
I started writing poetry as a teenager and the passion for it flourished since retiring. I also dabble in photography, watercolour and acrylics. I created what I call Flash Memory Therapy. I am an active member of Haiku Canada and PoetrySoup.com. My poetry is down-to-earth and meant to be understood as opposed to impress with hifalutin words.
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