Paper Planes

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"Paper Planes"




Growing apart from the people you grew up with once called friends hurts a lot, perhaps everything was just about the ‘moment’ and nothing else. I remembered everything we did back in the days was to push each other up for anything that we wanted to do, we had childish unimaginable dreams. now, it’s kind of a Tug-O-War kinda thing, we no longer run together, we no longer eat together, why? why I am I suddenly hated? I never signed up for this deal, why are my friends now my enemies, why am I able to tell whether or not their broad smiles mean me any good? I have not been perfect, but they all meant a lot to me, everyone does, I am no different from anyone… I worked hard and hard and hard trying to get where I needed to be so that I can help my friends, family, even strangers. Just to be a little light in the world my Grandma knew I could be. I wore that promising smile she said.

“What is all this?” I sat here in my two-story apartment decorated with fine antiques and all types of furniture. “Is this really what turned them against me?” “would I be accepted again if I gave everything up?” I don’t act like I am better than anyone, I tried making life comfortable. Doesn’t seem that prosperity attracts positivity, instead… It creates all bad energy and thoughts towards you. Success can be achieved in many ways, some die even, before getting there. “I love my friends, where are they?” “Doesn’t mean that because I have established a successful life doesn’t mean that’s all there is, where do all these enemies come from? all these fake smiles, did my merit attract these or was this all there?  the faces of the friends I knew for so long was no longer readable but instead seemed blank. I pressed my palms to my face. “I don’t want all this if it means not having anyone but what did I do wrong?”  “The Doctor will be ready for you soon… Al”I heard the voice. Suddenly this jolted me back to reality and I realized that I was actually sitting inside some hospital, waiting patiently. “Why?” His voice sounded broken. “I don’t know why you need to do this?” “It doesn’t make any sense…” he paused, too many emotions pouring in. “What’s the matter, Tom?”

“This bullshit stunt you trying to pull, what are you trying to prove? huh?!” he was so broken I thought. there was a brief pause before I began to speak. “I am only doing this for my beloved friend, Tom… I am 30 years old. I’ve pretty much a wild adventure in all my many years. I think it’s natural for me to want that experienced shared with her, right now she is inside that room right now” “She means a lot to me, It felt like she was my daughter, you know…” he looked away, obviously irritated, he didn’t want to hear what I had to say” “Mr Kyndle?” a man dressed as a doctor came out calling. “Yes, that’s me,” I said, sounding cheerful. “So you’re the Heart donor?” he asked, he sounded more surprised, than he was anything else. his eyes filled with admiration as he saw me towards the room. “What was the big deal about?” “Would any true friends do this type of thing?” I glanced over my shoulder to a tearful Tom, he stood helplessly. “Hey, I am gonna get back at you for cheating me in our Paper Planes game!” I said scoffing at him. he managed a smirk. “Cheer up… love you, brother. Goodbye” only then, at that moment, I felt my eyes watered listening to his painful cries.

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Author: Andrew Wray
My name is Andrew Wray (Dru Berry) and i am a writer an with the aspiration of becoming one of the best authors. I have written several newspaper and Magazine articles, short stories, novels and poems. I love writing and most of my days are spent reading and writing.


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