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The character-filled cities of Portugal are great, but sometimes you need a more tranquil and serene scene embraced in crags, mountains streams, and waterfalls. If you desire a place that evokes feelings of a youthful nature adventure, you will want to venture to Fragas de São Simão. Fragas de São Simão is in the interior of Portugal about 30 minutes north of the wonderful town of Tomar; away from the crowds of the tourist centers. Here, you will be allowed to commune with nature, bubbling creeks, and centuries-old trees as the backdrop.

Walk down the sloping mountainside from the charming stone village of Casal de São Simão and take a dip in the chilly waters of Fragas that are characteristic of this region of the Portugal. On a sunny day spent outside exploring the natural surroundings of this region, you will find cool relief in the shade of secular cork oaks and a very dense thicket of heather and arbutus trees. Fragas de São Simão is a beautiful place to spend the day with the family and friends, or to simply escape on your own for a self-renewal.

Fragas de São Simão shows you a region of Portugal that has been largely untouched by modernization. It is little wonder that visitors from around the world remark that it looks like something straight out of a painting. You will want to visit it to experience it for yourself. 

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