Prague: 10 Things to See and Do in 2 Days (A Photo Journey)

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The Czech Republic city of Prague has often been compared to Paris for its sheer beauty and history. However, I will take that one step further. Prague is better than Paris. Sorry Paris. This 'City of a Hundred Spires' is soaked in history, natural beauty, Gothic and Romanesque architecture, passion, and enchantment. What makes this historic Bohemian capital distinctive is that all of its wonderfully diverse attractions are within walking distance of each other. So, if you are visiting Prague and need a concise itinerary of things to do in 2 days, this it is.

1) Stroll Along the Vltava River 

This is a beautiful experience that is often away from the hoards of people you might find in other areas of Prague. 

2) Wallenstein Palace and its Beautiful Gardens.

Admission is free.

3) The John Lenon Wall

The Lennon Wall is a massive mural located in Prague's Lesser Quarter. It has served as a place for political protest in Prague.

4) Old Town Square and Prague Astronomical Clock

Prague's Old Town Square is typically inundated with tourists. However, traversing crowds is just a normal day in tourist-friendly Prague.

5) Boat Ride Along Prague's Canals 

A boat tour of the historic Certovka Canal, Devil's Channel, allows you to see the lesser-known and traveled areas of Prague (Lesser Quarter).

6) The Charles Bridge

Memorable views abound from the famous Charles Bridge. Also, see a crucifix statue of Christ encircled by gilded Hebrew script. This script includes the Tetragrammaton; the four Hebrew letters which represent the divine name of God in the Bible (Jehovah in English).

7) Eat; Especially the Desserts

Desserts may not be something you normally think of when traveling, but Prague has some of the best desserts and pastries in the world.

8) Watch the Changing of the Prague Castle Guards

9) Cruise the Vltava River 

10) Meander Through Prague

Really, this is the best part. You never know what you might see and you are certain to see something new and beautiful.

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