Praia da Gralha: Portugal's Gorgeous Quiet Beach

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Located almost directly in the middle of the Portugal coast, Praia da Gralha is a gorgeous and quiet beach that is the perfect place to spend the day. During the tourist offseason, the traffic grinds to a halt allowing you to make this your own isolated beach. With sloping sand dunes and crystal blue ocean, Gralha is a popular spot for those in the know because of its pure, natural beauty. Even though it is less than 1 kilometer from popular São Martinho do Porto, this beach is a nice retreat from the São Martinho hoards.

Topographically speaking, Praia da Gralha is a large shell shape, surrounded by cliffs, which gives it its natural beauty. Not only is it visually pleasing, but the surrounding countryside keeps pace. The beach has received multiple awards, making it a clean and calming destination for swimmers, fishing anglers, and meanderers. However, you may want to park at the top of the cliffs, where paragliders take their leap of confidence, and walk down to the beach because of the steep drive down. Nevertheless, the surrounding cliffs make for a magnificent view of the Atlantic. So, whether you're looking for a quiet day at the beach or a place for a nice hike, look no further than Praia da Gralha.

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