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Chapter One.

Lying on his bed feeling very numb he tried to open his eyes. His eyes didn't seem to be in the mood to cooperate, but after his third attempt they started to open a little. “Gosh how long have I been sleeping”, he said to himself and stretched on the bed.

Eyes now fully open a bright light suddenly burned hard on his eyes. “Yikes!” He screamed in a low voice and started to grope around, looking for something. “Gotcha!” He said, sounding relieved when he got his hands on a small case sitting by the bedside table. He then took out his glasses, put them on and started looking around.

“Whoa”! He said, suddenly realizing that he's not at home but at a hospital. “Nurse”! He shouted. No answer. So he shouted again, raising his voice a little bit higher this time. “Nurse”! Still no answer. So again he shouted, sounding a bit agitated and bit louder this time though. “Anybody in here!” But he still didn't get an answer. “Damn Mzansi hospitals”, he cursed, took off his glasses and went back to sleep again.

Hours later, he woke up, grabbed his eyeglass case which he had put under his pillow and put his glasses on again. Suddenly he felt a cold metallic-like feeling on his neck and froze. It stayed there for a bit and then quickly raced up to his ear which made him jump out of bed! Once on his feet, fists ready, he glanced around looking for his assailant! 

To his dismay he found nobody but himself in the room. Sighing with relief he let down both fists. But then he heard a little movement in the room and sharply turned around to see what it could be. Again, there was no one in the room and the only thing moving was a dull colored curtain being rustled by the wind. 

Relieved, he then moved toward the curtain and spotted an open window. He then decided to go and take a peek out of it, then suddenly something stopped him in his tracks. The cold metallic feeling was now on his hands... “Damn this numbness is playing tricks on me”, he laughed softly to himself when realizing that the culprit was actually a light wind coming from the open window.

That cleared, a bigger question was now troubling him. Where is everyone? Now, with new motivation, he chose to go for the door rather than the window. Hand extended, he turned the golden doorknob in one firm motion and stepped outside.

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Qhawe (A Zulu word & name which means hero) is set in fictional post-apocalyptic Africa, with a slight dusting of sci-fi in it. It is also jam packed with action and adventure so this is the perfect read for you if you don't like boring stories! The book is available on request only, at my email address which is: raymdhadebe@gmail.com. I hope that you'll enjoy this excerpt and also request for the full book!

Author: Raymond Hadebe
I may be a simple young man from a relatively unknown town who thinks that there is more to life than pure survival.


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