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Let me be straight here, no lies, no sugar coating. If you are in a toxic relationship, chances are, you are aware of this but something is keeping you there. It could be a kid, money, prestige, blood, infatuation in the name of love or...you're just stupid.

toxic Relationship is not all about romance. Friends, family, work, worship place...the types are many. In every relationship you are in, your peace of mind should come first.

So, what is this thing that keeps you hang upon the toxicity? Money? Gucci, Prada, big wheels and having a Range to your Rover doesn't make you immortal. Ever heard of dying and leaving everything six feet upper while you are six feet under? Say what? It's not the money? What is it?

Ahhh, dickmatization/Pussy Whip... how about a round of applause for everyone out there who loves sex more than their life such that they are willing to die for it; you are legends. (In the spirit of honesty, I was going to call you stupid but hey, that would be too judgy, right?)

Oh come on, loneliness is not a reason to entertain malevolent people! If they don't value you, value you. Don't let that co-worker shout at you, order you around, boss you; don't let that friend make you feel worthless just because your prestige comes from them, don't let that partner abuse you just because you are in need of love. If you are not happy, WALK!




(In the spirit of honesty, I was going to say, MEN are not a BASIC NEED but that would be too sexist, right?)

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