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Written by Maryanne Dunne |
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My Lover Comes to Me

My Lover Comes to Me

He greets me with boxes of chocolates;

melting in my mouth warm, passionate kisses.

Tender embraces that thaw my defenses.

sweet words of love soften my protective heart.

My Lover delivers bouquets of fragrant inspiration.

Perfumed thoughts waft before me,

enticing me, calling me

drawing me with their aromatic anticipation.

My Lover write me sonnets,

starry knowledge floats from his lips,

and delicious wonderment overwhelms my senses,

He beckons me with fulfilled promises of gentle desire.

Gazing into my soul,

his eyes are filled with mysteries and promises,

that excite me,

thrill me,

stirring up dreams and possibilities.

My Lover sends me romantic, sexy cards

Beautiful vistas:

wind swept horizons,

snow laden hills,

plateaus dotted with pines

laid out before me,

and I want it all.

My Lover offers me the finest gold and gems.

Jeweled in his tenderness,

clothed in compliments,

adorned with sweet endearments,

wrapped up safe and secure

in passionate whisperings

and soft kisses.




My Lover makes passionate love to me.

sweeping me off my feet,


his presence; powerful and commanding,

his body; magnificent and splendid,

his heart; sincere and unchanging,

his soul; proud and devoted.

I am carried away by your constant love.

Maryanne Dunne

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"So shy girl, maybe you read “the book.” Passionate thoughts rose up in you and you did not know how to transfer that to your relationship. Neither, you nor your lover would be eager to be tied up, much less abused. Nevertheless, you want to return that spark to your lovemaking. Maybe, you are not quite sure how to do that, much less utter a sexy word to entice your man to be with you. These romantic to erotic adventures will bring back the passion to your lovemaking and get your lover off the couch and into the bedroom."

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Author: Maryanne Dunne
I like to write poetry that honors our Vets, active military and romantic poetry. Both of my books have been published but are currently out of print. These books were written when I got involved in a Military biker club. My writings tell of that adventure and the vets that changed my opinion about our military forces.


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