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It's raining love tonight


We're holding up our umbrellas

I need you tonight


This bed is too big for us

You, our egos and I

But I'm scared of being alone


I'm alone with you but I'm alone

We were magic when it lasted

But magic is just that, magic


Welcome back to reality

Tired is all of me

And tired is all you made me

So what's the point?

Why are we still 'we'?

Why are you fighting?

We watched it die in the cold sun

I leaked a couple of drops

Did you?


That was all I did when we were...

Waiting for the light where the tunnel ends

Waiting for the question that never came

Waiting for you to see me

Waiting for you

I ran out of bad taste when I met you


My worst taste

I cant help wondering out loud

What is my type?

Am I even my type?


Love makes us stupid not blind

And shame on the fact that I loved you

I will always love you... 


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I do not know?

Author: Aska Makori
Living my life, just living in Kenya.
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